Blue Monday - Flowers & Church Dome

This is the dome of St. Cecilia's Church. It's where I attended grammar school. I like the intricate architecture of the dome so I had to get a shot of it.

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MaR said…
Beautiful petals and architecture!
Happy Blue Monday.
Beautiful structure...w0w c0ol... grammar scho0l...i really need that living 11years in a c0untry where 0nly few people can speak english make me w0rst and w0rst everyday!
gaelikaa said…
I'd so much love to know the city this is
Annie Jeffries said…
Is that church in San Francisco, Joanne? If so, I have GOT to visit it.
Verna Luga said…
Hi Joanna, indeed lovely architecture.. great shot..

Blue Monday Here
Ann said…
Blue is the perfect color for Monday :) Pretty petals and what an awesome looking church.
Exquisite!!! Thank you! Cathy
Wifey10 said…
oh this is lovely! hope you can visit my page too..happy week
eileeninmd said…
Beautiful flowers and the dome is very pretty! Great shots!
Elizabeth Lyng said…
Both photos are very beautiful; there is something quite captivating about that church dome.
Great shots Jo! Love the blue hydrangea!
Kim, USA said…
I also love the intricate architecture of the dome and I wonder how they painted blue and yellow on top. A great shot thanks for sharing and the visit!
Indian Corn
Favorite Snack
SmilingSally said…
Two beauties.

Happy Blue Monday, Mar! Check out my book giveaways. I just added another one.
LV said…
I love the work on the church. It looks even nicer with a blue sky background.
Mamako said…
You capture the last picture beautifully
Unknown said…
beautiful architecture indeed!
Donnie said…
Lovely examples of blue. The steeple is gorgeous. The flowers were so delicate. Thanks for sharing.
Reeni said…
What a gorgeous church! The flowers remind me of Christmas for some strange reason...
Joanne Olivieri said…
Mar, thank you.

Coffeeveggie, thanks for stopping by

gaelikkaa, this is in San Francisco, Californa.

Annie, yes it is and I will have an entire post dedicated to it next blue Monday.

Vernz, thank you.

Ann, Thanks so much :)

Cathy, thank you so much

Wifey, thank you and I definitely will

Eileen, thanks for visiting and commenting

Elizabeth, I know, thanks so much

Icy, thanks, I do too - anything blue :)

Kim, thank you and there will be much more on that church next week.

SMiling Sally, thank you and I will check it out.

LV, thanks. More next week on that church.

Mamako, thank you so much.

Dave, thanks alot :)

Donnie, and thank you for stopping by and commenting

Reeni, Thanks and I thought of that as well, don't know why :)
CM said…
Wow, the church has such a rich history...what a cool place to have gone to school!
I love the petals and the architectural design, thanks for the visit as well, blessings.
AVCr8teur said…
I have no idea where that church is, but I bet you can see SF for miles up in that tower.
Joanne Olivieri said…
CM, thanks, it holds many memories for me.

My Memories, Thanks and you are welcome.

Karen, It is in the Sunset district of SF. 17th Avenue and Vicente Street. I'll have more pics of it next Blue Monday on the 18th. Thanks.
Self Sagacity said…
Agree, the dome is very intricately designed. Just catching up on all your posts here, it's refreshing.
ruthinian said…
the architecture of the church is exquisite.

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