Macro Flowers Saturday - Passiflora

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Ann said…
awesome flowers, so exotic looking. Great macro shots.
Evelyn said…
Lovely. Great shots.
BJ Roan said…
Wow! Wonderful macro shots!
Jean said…
Super macro captures!!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for those beautiful flowers!!! and thank you for the kind words you always share with me on my blog!!!
Zuzanna Musial said…
Dear Joanne,

Spectacular photos you have on display on your blog. Simply most beautiful flowers.

Thank you so much for taking your time to comment on Buddhas quotes.

from Zuzanna
i always love your macro shots. awesome as always
Kebeni said…
oooooh I wish I had passionfruit vines in my yard. These are fabulous, awesome macro!
Jama said…
The third picture is simply awesome!
The Gardener said…
Wow! I never knew Passiflora has color variety other than purple.

Beautiful macro shots.
Maia said…
I've never seen a red passiflora. Amazing shots!
Ann said…
I like the white and purple passion fruit. I like the fruit even better.
Ann, thanks so much for stopping by.

Evelyn, thank you so much

BJ Roan, Thank you.

Thank you so much, Jean

Rebecca, thank you and you are welcome. Your blog is so inspirational, I love it.

Zuzanna, thanks for the kind words. I loved those Buddha quotes so much. Thank you.

Priyanka, ah, you are sweet, thank you.

Kebeni, yeah they are so exotic which is why I like them so much. Thank you.

Jama, thank you so much.

Gardener, Yeah the red ones are very cool. thank you.

Maia, Thank you very much. The first time I saw it I was simply in awe.

Bossy, Thank YOU!!!

Ann, I do too :) Thanks.
ruthi said…
those are exotic flowers. so unique and so beautiful.
ruthi, I love the exotics, thanks so much for visiting and commenting

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