Macro Flowers Saturday - Pinks and Whites

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SquirrelQueen said…
Beautiful pinks and whites. Even those that are beginning to fade are still lovely. The white mums on the dark green background are really striking.
Kim, USA said…
Wow they are pretty. I see some of the flowers, some kind of bug are enjoying it, just like mine. ^_^ Happy weekend!
Macro Flowers
leavesnbloom said…
Lovely shots again this week - pink and white theme is a nice change today as in my garden its more the autumnal shades of red, orange and yellow here.
Mumsy said…
So many gorgeous flowers! I saw the bee in your first shot, and it's beautiful!
Jama said…
Lovely collection of flowers! I can't decide which one I love best as all of them are gorgeous. The first flowers look like little bells.
BJ Roan said…
Each is a work of art!
Ann said…
What a pretty selection of pink and white flowers.
Jan n Jer said…
Beautiful flowers...almost sad to see them slowly fade away!
EG Wow said…
AH! The shades of pinks and whites are gorgeous.
rainfield61 said…
I'll definitely enter to the innermost if I am a bee.
Bossy Betty said…
Betty is clapping! Can you hear it? Take a bow!
Katie said…
These are all so pretty! The fourth is my fav!!
maiaT said…
Another generous post with so many lovely photos.
Beautiful pinks and pure whites are still beautiful, though touched bu autumn's cold breath.
Dave said…
beautiful details!
NatureFootstep said…
you still got a lot of flowers. Not much left here.
MedaM said…
Lovely collection of various flowers!
Squirrel, I love mums and they always display so beautifully, thanks.

Kim, those little buggers are always enjoying themselves :)

leavesinbloom, I love your shades with the autumn hues, they are gorgeous.

Mumsy, thank you, I always try to capture those little guys.

Jama, I know, I love little bell shaped flowers, thank you.

BJRoan, you are too kind, thank you.

Ann, thank you so much :)

Jan n Jer, I know what you mean, thanks for stopping by.

EG, thank you

rainfield, I know you would and so would I :)

Bossy, Yes I can, I am tuned into you, thank you.

Katie, thanks so much, glad you like them

maiaT, very poetic and thank you.

Dave, thanks so much

NatureFootstep, thanks for stopping by.

MedaM, Thanks so much.
ruthi said…
are these gorgeous remnants of a wonderful summer? love them all.
Mylene said…
So many flowers! I love the 4th most!

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