Flowers on Saturday - Chinese Abelia

Chinese Abelia or (Abelia Chinensis) is a shrub native to China and popular with butterflies growing all over the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

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Ann said…
I couldn't stop looking at it. I had to tear myself away to type my comment. It's so unique and pretty. I want a shrub like that
Mom of M&Ms said…
I want one of those!!! Beautiful photo..Oh and how I love San Fransisco... Great entry
Erika B said…
Oh, what a beautiful shot! Love how it looks like a big ball of flowers.

Erika B
maiaT said…
Chinese Abelia is a beautiful shrub, I like its white, fragrant flowers.
Nice photo!
Mel Cole said…
Very pretty flower picture.

Mel @ Arty Bluejay
Channal said…
Beautiful and pretty flower... Anna
Ewa said…
What a beautiful flower, I have to say I want one of them as well :)
thank you for linking today
Ann, I am the same with these. There are so many in bloom at the gardens that I literally have taken dozen of shots of them in a few hours. I love them.

MomofM, I'll get you one :) Thank you, I love SF too

ErikaB, that is what's so beautiful about these. Thank you.

maiaT, yes, I love the fragrance as well, thanks.

Mel, thank you for the kind words

Anna, thanks so much

Ray, thank you

Ewa, I'll get you one too :) Love the meme, thanks.
ruthi said…
looks like this chinese flower loves SF weather. it's so beautiful.
Diane said…
Very unique and lovely! :O)

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