Thursday Two Questions Meme #5

Afternoon Moon - Taken 10/13/10

Evening Moon - Taken 10/12/10

1. If you had the money to take a trip to the moon, would you?

2. If yes, what is the one thing you would bring with you?

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Jean said…
I love your Moon shots!
I would go to the Moon and would take my Granddaughter. What an educational field trip that would be!
Martha Z said…
I like daytime moon shot, they don't jump out at you as they do at night, one must look for it.
As for me, I will keep my feet on Terra and observe Luna from afar.
Jean, Absolutely, wow she would love that :)

Martha Z, I like the way you think, thanks for stopping by.
Self Sagacity said…
Wow, how did you do that Jo? Take a picture of the moon!
1)I would love to go to the moon. Does it cost a lot of money? I never really thought about it, because I just never thought I would survive.
2)I would bring my laptop and internet connection. Yes, a bit shallow, but if that is the only thing that doesn't cost me another ticket. I can always Skype and talk to my family with my laptop. Smiles.
Fun and fantastic questions Jo.
Margaret Duarte said…
Absolutely, one-hundred percent NO. I have no desire to travel to the moon, thank you. I like Mother Earth just fine. My family immigrated from Holland the year before I was born and moved many times in my childhood, so now that I've found a place to call home and have planted some very deep roots, I plan to stay there till God calls me home. And even if I did travel to the moom (abduction by moon creatures, you never know), I'd take nothing with me. No use in polluting another part of the solar system.
Lui said…
I saw both scenes but could not take a good shot. We love to watch the skies! And now my answers to your Qs:

1. Yes, I'll definitely go!
2. I'll probably bring my camera and my dog Sweepy!
Annie said…
What lovely pictures, Joanne, especially the day shot. My poor little camera could never accomplish this. I have a friend with a high end digital camera and what she accomplishes astonishes me. Your shots accomplished the same feeling.

Would I go to the moom? Heck YES.
What would I take? My journal and pens.
Andrea said…
Beautiful moonshots, that is not possible without good lenses! I will second Margaret Duarte's side, i wont go there, i might just pollute another clean space! haha!
Well, why not.. Of course.. ;)

Hmm, one thing.. Can it be a living thing? I would like to bring my cat along.. :) If not, then I will bring my camera.. :)
Luna Miranda said…
oh yes, i will definitely go to the moon.:p

can i bring two things? my camera and my dog, Fritz.:p
EastCoastLife said…
Yes,I will travel to the moon if it doesn't cost me an arm or a leg. :P

No partner? I will bring my camera of course.
Donnie said…
Lovely Moon shots.

1- As far as going to the Moon- No because I'm not the adventurous type. I would buy a ticket for someone else though.

2- I guess I'm not
ruma said…
I seem to be drawn in the fantasy...

Thank you.
MedaM said…
Both photos are just fantastic but the first one I like the most.
I would never take a trip to the moon no matter how much money I had. I prefer watching it from the earth.:-)
Icy BC said…
Fantastic photos of the moon Jo!

1-I definitely would go to the moon if money was no object, with a round-trip ticket, please.

2-I would take my camera with plenty of batteries..
Cathy Kennedy said…
Oh definitely, I would love to visit the moon or any place else in the universe. But, I'd have to over come my great fear of air flight and a launch off to the moon is even more intense than your regular trip across our friendly skies now, isn't it?

The first thing I would take with me on my trip to the moon would naturally be my camera, but I wonder if my small digital camera and its tiney built in flash would pick up anything in such low light? I may have to buy a nicer digital camera and a separate flash.

By the way, I love your pics of the moon. You should have seen it last Saturday evening here. It was low on the horizon, so it appeared really big and it was a tiny slither of a crescent. It was so beautiful!
Self, Yeah I guess it would cost alot money. Bringing your laptop with Skype is a great idea. I don't have one so I'd have to buy one for the trip :) Or if we are there at the same time I can use yours.

Margaret, Interesting and "not polluting another part of the solar system" makes sense. I like your thinking on that. I've lived in the same place all my life so I understand, though my sense of wonder sometimes overcomes my grounded nature. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

Lui, aw, sweepy sounds cute and like you, I would bring my camera as well. Thanks.

Annie, thank you and spoken like a true writer. Thanks so much for your comment.

Andrea, :) Don't worry we'll have our cameras up there and we'll all take photos for you.

Kristin, go ahead and bring both, it would be fun. See you up there.

Luna, of course :) If I had a pet, I bring him or her.

ECL, you can bring your partner and camera :D

Donnie, :) I like that. You are thinking of someone other than yourself. Thank you.

ruma, isn't it a great fantasy? thank you :)

Medam, You like your two feet planted on the ground. I can certainly understand that. Thanks for joining in on the fun here.

Icy, round trip ticket, absolutely. And, the way my camera goes through batteries, I'd need an extra ticket just to fly all those batteries up there :D Thanks.

Cathy, like you I am not a big fan of flying so I would probably have to be a little tipsy during the trip. You can borrow my camera while we're there :) Ah, that must have been a gorgeous scene. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Ann said…
I think that I would go and I would definitely be taking my camera and Duke.
Ewa said…
Love the photos,
ok, so if I had money I'd love to take a trip to the Moon and I would bring the camera with me:)
( I presume it'll be a short trip, haha:)
Judith said…
going to the moon as never appealed to me as there are so many places here on earth that I want to visit first...BUT if I was forced to go!!! lol then hubby, son, two cats, camera..oops you said 'one thing' well I can't decide so I'll just have to miss this trip out :) Judith (Precious Moments)
SquirrelQueen said…
Beautiful shots of the moon.

Yes, I would love to visit the moon. Think of how beautiful our earth must look from up there. I would take my camera with lots of extra batteries and memory cards.
Cimpoaca, thank you so much.

Ann, As long as Duke is there, I'm a happy camper :)

Ewa, You never know, you may want to build a home up there :)

Judith, You do have a point there :D

Squirrel, Thanks. You know I never even thought of that but what an awesome photo opp. A pic of our earth from the moon.
ruthi said…
1. I would take a trip to the moon.
2. My DSL camera of course!

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