Macro Flowers Saturday - Cornucopia of Color

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lina said…
As always, awesome flower shots. Love the colours too! They are all so vivid. :)
Thanks Lina. That day happened to be the perfect light setting for photos.
Kebeni said…
just beautiful.. I love macro flowers
Ann said…
what a feast of colours and styles.
SquirrelQueen said…
An awesome collection of colors and great macros. I really like the third one down with the water droplets on the stems.
Ann said…
A stunning array of floral color. The sixth one down has such a lovely color combination.
BJ Roan said…
They are all beautiful!
Jama said…
Lovely collection of flowers, I just can't decide which one I love best.
bfarr said…
Interesting series of shots that run the spectrum of the rainbow.
Wonderful closeups. I like the fuzzies in the first one. Have a great weekend.
maiaT said…
Lovely selection of flowers, they are all gorgeous but the white one is breathtaking.

The flower you asked me about in my slideshow is not astilbe, it's a type of Amaranth with reddish leaves (Amaranthus Cruentas Velvet Curtains).
Have a great weekend!
Liz said…
all splendid. I like the second to last. nice work.
Self Sagacity said…
Super macro! They are gorgeous, the different colors are very vibrant as well.
Kebeni, thank you so much.

Ann, thanks, I like variety :)

Squirrel, thanks, when I see water droplets, I have to capture them

Ann, it is some species of passiflora. I love there colors as well. Thanks.

BJ, thank you so much.

Jama, Too much to choose from, thank you

bfarr, thanks for your kind words

Gardening, Thank you, I am always surprised just how much fuzzies are brought out in macro.

maiaT, thank you and also for the name of the one in your slideshow. Very much appreciated. Your slideshow by the way is gorgeous. So refreshing, beautiful and serene. You did a wonderful job on it.

Liz, thank so much and glad you like them.

Self, Thank you so much and have a great weekend.
Judy said…
They are all lovely, but I am intrigued about the flower in the first shot. What is it? I love the raindrops, especially on the borage, with the hairs capturing the drops!!
ruthi said…
awesome collection of gorgeous blooms. thanks for sharing.

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