Ruby Tuesday - Red Passion Flower

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Kebeni said…
passionflowers are such stunning flowers
Kebeni,I completely agree with you. No matter their coloring, they are gorgeous. Thanks for commenting.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hello Jo
Every time I visit you blog I am inspired to post a flower photo too! Very lovely red passion flower.
Annie said…
passion flowers are so dramatic. they are wide open, spreading their petals in an embrace of love.
Michelle, thanks, you post some awesome flowers.

Annie, eloquently said. Thank you.
Vernz said…
Hi Joanna, such a refreshing look... so love it...

Ruby Tuesday Here
Nora Johnson said…
Great RT shots!

Ann said…
beautiful passion flowers. I don't believe I've ever seen one, other than in pictures.
fullet said…
They're so exotic and delicate. Beautifully pictured!
rainfield61 said…
They are good macro shots showing little dancers jumping out from the inner side.
Andrea said…
Nice macros, i haven't seen red passionfruit flowers in real life,much more with the red passion fruits.
Paula said…
Hi Joanne!

I'm not sure if we have passion flowers where I live, they are certainly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them through these pictures! :)
Cher said…
so beautiful and elegant!
Vernz, there are so many different colors of this flower but I think this color is my favorite.

Nora, thank you

Ann, they are gorgeous and I hope you get to see one in person sometime.

fullet, thank you :)

rainfield, :) exactly, they are stages for dancers.

Autnie, Thanks

Andrea, they are beautiful in real life.

Paula, you are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

Cher, Thank you :)
chubskulit said…
Very pretty!

Please come and see the Ruby Tuesday at my page.
very very beautiful!!! thank you!!
Mumsy said…
These are beautiful photos of such exotic looking flowers!
DoanLegacy said…
Gorgeous flowers, and your photos are stunning!
Gary said…
So this is the Passion Flower. I've heard it before but never really saw one.

Thanks for posting this, Joanne!
Self Sagacity said…
So exoticism! Wow, I love this flower.
Ruthi said…
passionflower? hmmm is it the blossom of the passion fruit? just wondering.

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