Thursday Two Questions Meme #6

What is this?

What is the name of this plant? A hint - It is native to Australia.

Here are the answers:

1. Macro of a sweet potato pie.

2. Banksia Occidentalis aka Red Swamp Banksia from W. Australia from the Proteaceae family.

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Kebeni said…
hmmm, the first one looks like polenta/cornbread type thing and the second is a bottlebrush
Daisy said…
Is it something like a bottlebrush plant?
Margaret Duarte said…
To question one, I answer pumpkin pie (filling). Two answer two, I don't know. Though the flower/plant is a natural beauty.
Kebeni, I love polenta and cornbread but no it's not either.

Daisy and Kebeni, It looks much like bottlebrush but it isn't. I'll have the answers for you tomorrow.

Margaret, Ah, you are sooooo close on the first one. The flower is gorgeous in person and I'll let you know what it is tomorrow.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, 1) is it carrot pie / spread?
2) We have this plant in VN and it is call ChomChom...well it looks like it anyways. :-)
A 2 Z said…

Thanks for the visit. I think I know what the second one is. I lived in Australia for a few years I dont know what the scientific name is but the locals called it a Bottle Brush shrub. Thanks for sharing! : )
Icy BC said…
I'm stumped with both pictures! The first one looks like mush of pie filling, but you said it's not! The second picture is beautiful, and it's not chenille plant, is it?
Self, you have part of the first one correct, it is a pie.

A 2 Z, It's actually not a bottlebrush. It looks like it but it is different. I'll post the answer tomorrow.

Angela, It is a pie but not pumpkin. I love pumpkin pie :)

Icy, It is a pie filling but not pumpkin. It resembles the chenille but isn't.
Donnie said…
1- the flesh of a pumpkin. No, I guess not I just saw your comment.

2- I also thought it was a bottlebrush.

Two for
Jean said…
Maybe the first one is a sweet potato pie? Thanks for the hint.
I don't have a clue about the interesting plant.
Diane AZ said…
The first one looks like something to eat, like sweet potato pie. The next one reminds me of bottle brush, but it's too curly, so I don't know. I'll have to check back to find out. :)
Katie said…
I have no clue what these are, but that plant is awesome!
Donnie, thanks for stopping by and joining in on the fun.

Jean and Diane you are correct on the first one. It's a macro of sweet potato pie.

Katie, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Ann said…
I would know a pumpkin pie The plant I have no idea but it sure is pretty.
lina said…
The first photo looks like a food item to me. :D

No idea abt the plant name but it sure look like a hairbrush to me! ;)
*MrsMartinez* said…
Was it a foccacia bread while number two looks like rambutan fruit lol
Martha Z said…
My guesses would be the same as others pumpkin pie and bottle brush.
Campbell Jane said…
Hum... First photo looks like sweet potato pudding & the second something we call a Bottle Brush Bush. That's my guess!
Well Diane and Jean were right on the sweet potato pie. Here are the answers:

1. Macro of a sweet potato pie.

2. Banksia Occidentalis aka Red Swamp Banksia from W. Australia from the Proteaceae family.

This was fun and I thank you all for commenting and participating.
AVCr8teur said…
I was going to say pie or crust. It sure looks more delicious close up.
RNSANE said…
You've got me, Miss Jo. I'm clueless.
Liz said…
I just love sweet potato. It's the first time I've seen that flower. Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend Jo!
Annie said…
Hi Joanne. I was totally clueless on the flower though it IS a marvel. I would have guessed Polenta for the first picture. Annie
SquirrelQueen said…
I don't like pumpkin pie but I love sweet potato pie, maybe that's my southern upbringing.

That is a beautiful flower, I have never seen it before.
DoanLegacy said…
I have to say no to both questions since you've already confirmed "no" to what I was thinking.

Beautiful flower though! Thanks for joining us and see you next week..
Ann said…
As Chinese, we ate lots of sweet potatoes like you eat potatoes, we never made a pie out of it.

You took a nice photo of the Banksia, Australia is part of my heritage. Yesterday, a niece was married and my daughter went.
Ruthi said…
I thought the 1st is a kind of fruit. and the second is a flower which name i don't know. but you already gave up the answer so i already know. thanks.

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