Answer to the Two Questions Meme

The answer is the Living Roof at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I took the shot from across the way at the DeYoung Museum with my zoom lens. It's fascinating to see in person and you can learn more by visiting

The picture above is from the Cal. Academy website. If you are ever in San Francisco, this roof is a must see.


Linnea said…
Darn...I've heard all about this place but haven't visited it yet! Quite unique!
Icy BC said…
I'm sorry, this post came up first, before I could get to the Two Questions post..I cheated!
Ann said…
A living roof, very cool. I've heard of something like that before. Must be fascinating to see.
Self Sagacity said…
Very cool Jo, I said I would be back. I was really interested to know and learn. BTW- This is something I should have already known huh? Being that I live in Silicon Valley? LOL
Linnea, it's a cool spot to visit if you are in SF

Bossy, it is very cool

Icy, LOL :D cheat away...

Ann, It is very fascinating to see in person.

Self, LOL! You should know everything, living there :) I live in SF. We should go photo shooting one of these days.
Ruthi said…
wow... fascinating.

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