GE Power Pro X5 14MP 15X Zoom SLR-Style Digital Camera

I have had my new camera now for over a month and decided to write a review. Those of you reading this blog regularly know that the Olympus I bought earlier this year was a wonderful camera in several aspects until it completely stopped working after four months. Long story short, I needed a new camera and found this GE Power Pro series to be perfect for my needs.

Before I ordered it there were only two aspects that had me wondering if I should order it at all. First the GE brand. Now I knew GE to be a great brand for some things but I never knew they made cameras. Second this camera did not have a super macro lens like my Olympus did. However given my financial state at the time and the fact that I had researched literally dozens and dozens of cameras, I always found myself coming back to this GE.

Initially, the look is what drew me to this camera. It's stylish, not too heavy for an SLR camera and fits perfectly in your hands. You can order the camera in white, red or black. I love the white. One main thing I love about this camera is that it does not eat batteries at an alarming rate. The camera came with four double AA batteries of which are still on full power. It's really amazing. Of course you can use rechargeable as well. Another great feature is the viewfinder. My other two previous cameras did not have this feature which is really important in certain settings. If it weren't for the viewfinder on this camera, I never would have been able to capture The Blue Angels during their air show here in San Francisco.

As I mentioned, this camera has macro but not super macro settings. However, I have noticed that in the regular macro setting on this camera I can still achieve that super macro shot which is much more crisp and clear than what I had with the Olympus. So, it worked out well.

Another great thing about this camera is the auto mode which I normally use for your average, everyday scenery and landscape shots. I am thrilled at the outcome of these shots. They are beautiful in color and very detailed. They are much better than the auto shots I took with the Olympus. I was never completely satisfied with those.

This GE has a multitude of settings and modes of which I am still learning. The zoom lens is just amazing!!! There are shots that I have taken miles away from a subject that came out so detailed it is unbelievable. I can even take a macro with the zoom. There was a shot of a flower I took recently that I could not get close to while in the gardens. I set the camera to a manual mode, using macro and zoomed in. The flower shot looks like I had been inches away. This camera also has blink detection and smile detection etc... In fact when you are taking a portrait shot or a shot of a group of people, the camera will automatically detect the smiles and take the shot. It also has a panoramic mode that is supposed to be fantastic. I haven't yet, however, tried that setting.

The manuals and websites I had read about this camera prior to buying it stated that the video mode was not in HD. NOT TRUE! I've taken several videos with this camera and the quality is HD. Plus, you can also zoom in and out while shooting a video with this camera.

All in all, so far this camera is doing a fantastic job for me and I am becoming more and more familiar with it's settings each day. It's easy to handle, lightweight enough to fit into a purse and very stylish. I hope it keeps working this great for years to come. All of the photos on this blog taken between mid Sept. through the present time, were taken with this new GE camera.

BTW, I never do paid reviews on this blog. This review is my own personal opinion/review of this camera. For more detailed specs, click the widget below.


that seems a cool & trendy cam. Though I never heard of this brand but from your review it seems a good one!
rainfield61 said…
GE is totally new to me in terms of camera.

I am glad you have found your right choice of camera.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I didn't even know that GE make cameras! Glad you are discovering something new each day with your camera!
Ann said…
I think you made an excellent choice in cameras. I have noticed a difference in the quality of your photos. I use my auto setting on mine quite frequently only because I don't have the confidence in my ability to get a good shot on manual but I really recommend that you learn how to use the manual mode on your camera. I think it does make a difference when I have the time to set up the shot and take my time.
ruthi said…
awesome. it is indeed stylish. i love the color that you chose too. glad that you are happy with your new camera. and you photos are amazing too.
lina said…
Awesome. Happy snapping with your new camera, Jo. :)
Priyanka, I had not heard of the brand for cameras. It is popular with appliances. Thanks

Rainfield, I am happy with it.

Michelle, thanks so much :)

Ann, Thank you for the kind words and tip. I am practicing with it. There are so many different modes that I have to take each one seperately and study.

Ruth, thank you my friend :)

lina, Thank you :)
Darlene said…
I am brand new to your Blog. I love photography and use a Canon Sure Shot as it was a reasonable camera. I love reading your review of the camera that you purchased and definitely appreciate it as one day when our economy bounces back, I will invest in a new camera. One of my dreams. BTW, I found your blog via a blog that you commented on and am interested in what you had to say about Vertigo as I struggle with it also. An added surprise to find a review on your camera. Thank you so much.
Darlene, thanks for your comment. Canon cameras are also very good and I have heard alot of good things about them.

As far as vertigo, I am still suffering with it though I find that peppermint oil, that is 100 percent pure peppermint oil is very beneficial in preventing the spins.

I'm going to head over and check out your blog.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks...I just ordered it!
What a relief to find your comments. Long story to what lead Me to this camera. Sounds like I'll be happy with it.
I'll post a review myself after few months.
Anon, glad I could help and I think you'll be very happy. I've had it now for about 5 months and I love it more each day. I recently was in a very low light situation on two occasions and was able to get perfect shots. First time I've been able to do that with any camera. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Fuji makes the GE cameras for General Electric. If you got thier site, you will that the cams look alike. The GE cams are cheaper because of the non-use of the brand name and some minor missing features found on the similar Fuji Cameras.They also don't look at pretty,but who cares,its the images you look at.
Anon, thanks for that info. I did not know Fuji made them for GE.
leilani02 said…
I just bought this same camera! I love to scrapbook so here goes to some great pics!
leilani02, You are gonna love it. Share the pics with us. Thanks for commenting.
Anonymous said…
I just bought this camera and can't figure out how to get a clear macro shot... What settings in manual did you have yours set on to get a super macro?

Anonymous said…
I just bought an sp-olympus 800uz, yesterday. Before buying, I seriously thought about getting the same camera as you are now using. After reading your review, I am so tempted to order the GE, and try them both for 30 days, as I have that amount of time to keep or return for a full refund. Thanks for your review, and I will certainly follow you.
Anon, I have to say I loved my old Olympus but it died on me in a matter of months. I've heard good things about the 800 uz though. Why not try it for 30 days and see how it feels for you. If you like it, you can always keep both and use one as a backup. I plan to do that soon. I probably will buy another GE as a backup.

What I really like about the GE now is the viewfinder. I didn't have it on the Olympus so getting shots of birds, moving objects etc... was difficult. Now, I use it all the time.

Keep me posted on what you've decided. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
futureNFLmom said…
I just bought this camera and can't seem to find out if this camera can do continuous shots. I love to take pics of my boys playing football and need a camera that will do that. Please tell me it does and how to get there. Thank you!!!

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