Sundays in my City - San Francisco Through The Trees

Unknown Mami

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Evelyn said…
I am told that it's a nice place. I'd love to visit SF.
Evelyn, I hope you do have the chance to visit one day. Thank you and have a great weekend.
The Gardener said…
You are so good with your camera!I love how you frame beautiful things. you make them even more beautiful.
Never been to San Francisco. Must be a place to visit someday. Lovely city you have.
CM said…
I've been! About 10 years ago, lovely city!
Kass said…
Great shots! Makes me want to visit again.
lina said…
What a lovely city to spend a Sunday (or any other day) in. Love th e shots, Jo. :)
Liz said…
You live in a beautiful place. Awesome photos!

Hope you're having a great weekend.
Kebeni said…
beautiful, I would love to go to San Fransisco, the houses, trams, bridge. ahhh
Katie said…
Thanks for the fun, quick trip to San Fran! :) I love the shot of the bridge through the trees!!
Unknown Mami said…
It really is such a beautiful city and you are wonderful at capturing that beauty.
rainfield61 said…
The city looks at you through the trees too.
Ann said…
Sundays in SF, I like to go to the Fisherman wharf and buy the biggest crab. I was there in 1977 and never fogot.
The gardener, thanks so much and I hope you do get out here one of these days.

CM, thanks so much

Kass, you definitely should, come on out :)

Thanks so much Lina and have a wonderful weekend.

Liz, thank you and have a wonderful Sunday.

Kebeni, You would love it here, thank you

Katie, Thanks, I liked the up close and personal look of the bridge.

Mami, As are you, thank you.

Rainfield, you are so poetic my friend :) Thank you.
Ann, That is so much fun to do and I'm glad you have good memories of your time here. Have a great Sunday.
Mrs4444 said…
These are gorgeous, especially against the contrast of your red background. One of these days, I'm going to get to San Francisco!
myrelish said…
Postcard perfect photos, beautiful.
Sonya said…
WOW those are seriously awesome shots!! The U.S. is so beautiful
Ann said…
I love the way you framed San Francisco. It looks quite lovely through the trees
The Clip Cafe said…
Never been there but looks a very nice place - good shots!
Tara R. said…
Wonderful shot of the skyline in the second photo. I really like how you framed the shot of the bridge through the trees in the third photo. Lovely set.
Tanya said…
Those are amazing shots. I really appreciate bridges. I grew up in northern N.J. so the GW Bridge and it's many neighbors were a daily part of experience. Thanks for sharing-
Jean said…
I never tire from seeing your city!
bfarr said…
Great shots. SF is one of my favorite places.

I hope you make it to Hawaii. It really is beautiful.
Great visuals. My husband lived there a number of years back but I have not been yet.
nothingprofound said…
Great theme-"San Francisco through the trees." My daughter may be moving there soon, so maybe I'll get to see all that beauty firsthand.
Diane AZ said…
What a beautiful way to see San Francisco...through the trees! Lovely, creative shots.
Anonymous said…
I am soooo jealous. I love the shots of the ocean. You have a fan forever! Nice work Jo.
betchai said…
beautiful pictures Jo.
I hope I'm able to see for myself one day the beauty San Fran holds! Beautiful pics!!
Marla said…
Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
Linnea said…
It's so fun it see someone else's shots of familiar places...beautiful. You captured these scenes just before the rain came in!
*MrsMartinez* said…
I remembered walking along the Golden Gate bridge... lovely sight to see!
And the last photo is a very nice nice angle. The trunks of the trees sort of framed the boat! Very nice!

Vernz said…
Hi, wow very pretty photos, so calm so inviting... thanks for dropping by my flower post..
BLOGitse said…
A place to visit. Must visit one day...
Have a good week ahead!
Mrs4444, I hope you get a chance very soon. Thanks

myrelish, aw, that is sweet, thanks so much.

Sonya, thank you very much for visiting and commenting.

Ann, thanks, I like to see nature surrounding nature :)

The Clip Cafe, thank you so much.

Tara, I love trees so whenever I see them, I want them in my shots, somewhers. Thank you.

Tanya, thank you and I am the same I love bridges, large or small. They are all beautiful in my eyes.

Elizabeth, thank you.

Jean, that's sweet, thanks so much.

bfarr, Thanks. I was in Hawaii decades ago when I was 19 and LOVED it. I have always wanted to return because I think I would appreciate it even more now. One of these days, I'll be back for sure.

Carolina Mountains, you do have to visit. You would love it. Thank you

nothing profound, Oh, I hope you do get to see it first hand, you will enjoy it. Thank you.
Diane, I am so glad you like them. Thanks so much.

Anon, I thank you so much for your kind words :)

Betchai, thanks so much my friend.

Kara, I hope you do as well, thank you

Marla, you are welcome and thank you.

Linnea, :) yep, I got lucky. Though in the rain, yesterday, we were outside partying at a house concert :D

Michelle, I hope you are able to come out here again. I'll take you out to lunch :)

Vernz, you are welcome and thank you. I always enjoy your posts.

Blogtise, you certainly do, thank you and have a great week yourself.
newmami_rgv said…
Thanks for sharing these photos... never been. Enjoy your week!
Erin said…
I will never tire of the sights of SF, especially the Golden Gate! I so miss living there!
So beautiful! I'd love to visit someday.
RNSANE said…
The trees make a nice frame for your San Francisco scenes!
Ruthi said…
wow nice concept... great composition... i love the way the trees framed the sceneries.

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