Thursday Two Questions #7

Halloween is just a few days away. I took this shot in my neighborhood and added a few things to make it look scarier than it really was in person.

My two questions:

1. Do you celebrate Halloween?

2. Whether you celebrate or not, do you think Halloween is just for children?

My answers:

1. I did as a child but not anymore.

2. Yes, I think it should be just for children to enjoy.

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Luna Miranda said…
i love what you did with the photo! it looks like a scene from a bad dream.:p

1. Halloween here coincides with All Souls Day--it's when people visit their dead at cemeteries/memorial parks. i don't celebrate it--been to a Halloween party once, a long time ago.:p

2. anybody who wants to have fun on Halloween should do it.:p Halloween allows people to express their "weird", creative sides.:p
Halloween is not celebrated here, but i would love to participate in it. being like a ghost n wearing scary masks might be great fun. the foremost skeleton is scary :D
1) It is not very much celebrated here in Singapore..

2) Hmm, I don't think so.. ;) I think it is for anyone who wished to be part of it.. :)
Lui said…
Yikes what fun!

Even if I'm a Christian, I celebrate Halloween now for the real meaning of the day. And I don't think Halloween is just for children. The Pagans celebrate it as a Happy New Year!
fullet said…
I don't celebrate Halloween, but something similar.
I love it when my little niece gets disguised as an old chestnuts seller at this time of the year.
Cool photo!
Cathy Kennedy said…
Yeah, we celebrate privately with our kids. Nothing fancy just making a few goodies and watching some fun not too spooky movies.

And, yes Halloween should be more for kids instead of grown up. I believe adults see it as a time to get plastered and that's not safe for kids who are walking after dark trick or treating.
RNSANE said…
Yes, I celebrate Halloween in that I put up a few decorations and have candy for any trick or treaters that come by. We don't have many, though, in my neighborhood.

While I do think Halloween should really be for children, I see so many adults who really enjoy this holiday. My youngest son and his girlfriend celebrate in a huge way. She is a design engineer and comes up with the most fabulous costumes!
DoanLegacy said…
Whatever you did to the picture, it looks scary!

1) I only celebrate it since I have a child with me.

2) I agree with you..Halloween should only be for children!

Thanks for participating!
Margaret Duarte said…
We decorate the front of our house and our entry with pumpkins, witches, and ghosts and distribute candy to all the neighborhood kids, and sometimes our friends have costume parties. So, yes, we do celebrate Halloween.

Overall, I think that kids have the most fun on this day. I'll never forget how excited I used to get dressing up in my costume (being someone else for a night) and then going around asking for and getting all the candy I wanted. Heaven for a child.
Donnie said…
I decorate for Fall but not for Halloween.

I wish it was geared more for children but now it does seem to be more of an adult holiday.

Great questions.
♥-Icy BC-♥ said…
1) I still celebrate Halloween with JoJo. We carve the pumpkin, toast the seeds, put in the candle, and then go trick or treat with friends.

2) I think about should have their own fun or party, and it bothers me to see teenagers pushing the kids around for candies..
Self Sagacity said…
I like what you did to the picture, they are great combos.
I celebrate Halloween with my kids, trick a treat and dress up at school.
No, I think Halloween could fun for adults too, a mask party is a lot of fun!
ilovepink1078 said…
Not that much here in Philippines. However, costume yes we have for those who can afford and to be of the event.
Thanks to all of you for commenting and stopping. I really have enjoyed all of your comments.
Ann said…
i do put up a few decorations and pass out candy but I wouldn't really say I celebrate it.

I think it is for children but that doesn't mean that adults can't enjoy it. Half the fun of it for me is to see all the little ones come to the door in their costumes
I will pass out treats but get annoyed by adults who go door to door begging, especially when they don't bother to wear costumes. I feel it is for the kids and tell them that.
SquirrelQueen said…
Cool photo, very spooky.

Well I decorated my main blog for the holiday, so I guess I am into the spirit of Halloween. Other than that not really, no parties or costumes.

We live in a quiet neighborhood and I do enjoy handing out candy to the kids. Almost all of the kids who come to our door are accompanied by parents. We get 150 to 200 each year and our cul de sac is filled with little goblins at times, it is fun.

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