Shying Away

shying away
blowing petal kisses
carried by the wind

From my new photography & haiku book, Petals Unfold. Click the widget for more details


rainfield61 said…
No, the damselfly won't be shying away.

It looks charming in your header.
Beautiful words to accompany a gorgeous picture. This macro shot is a work of art.
Self Sagacity said…
Very nicely captured. It's peek a boo, how cute.
Denise said…
A beautiful macro and I love how the sunlight is shining on those petals.

An English Girl Rambles
fullet said…
You're great! This post is as pleasing as an elegant dream.
Dave said…
truly an excellent macro shot.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful flower, and haiku, Jo!

Wishing you all the best..
Kass said…
That is a bashful blossom.
RNSANE said…
Beautiful, this one of the white flowers that fluttered so much at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. I still haven't used those photos! I'd like to go back there and see what they're like when it isn't so windy.
Cindy said…
Beautiful photo! I love it!
Rainfield, thank you, she is so colorful and not shy :)

Autumn Belle, thank you so much

Self Sag, it is cute huh?

Josep, very sweet and poetic, thank you. By the way I mailed something to you on Monday. I hope I put enough postage on it.

Denise, thanks, I liked that too.

Dave, thank you so much

Icy, thank so much

Kass, :) that is what I saw as well. Thanks

Cindy, thank you :)

Carmen, No it's not. All of the photos from my book are from the Botanical Gardens.
Ann said…
great hiaku, love the line blowing petal kisses.
Ratty said…
I like this one. The yellow and the white go so well together. This closeup makes it feel like a world wrapped in white silk.
Excellent Macro shot. I adore dragonflys, especially here in Florida. I see several variations of them everyday.
Ann, thank you :)

Ratty, Oh, I like your description, very poetic.

Ancient, They are so gorgeous and difficult to capture, I just got lucky with this one.
*MrsMartinez* said…
loving the peek a boo style!

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