Banksia Serrata - Old Man Banksia

Banksia Serrata or Old Man Banksia is native to South East Australia and is a woody shrub which is an important source of food for honey eaters. I took these photos at the Botanical Gardens in the Australian garden. There were some very exotic and unusual plant species there.


Truth Ferret said…
I'm a honey eater, or were you writing about four-legged kinds of honey eaters?
Duni said…
You are so lucky to be able to visit those beautiful gardens. I have never seen this plant before. It looks incredible!
rainfield61 said…
They look really odd, but these are exactly what I like.
RNSANE said…
Interesting but I like that other one a tiny bit better. The one with the huge leaves and the similar stalk...I did a post on it.
Brian Miller said…
how very cool...had no idea but they look very interesting...and yes, i do like honey...
Kass said…
You really manage to capture the wonder of nature.
Jingle said…
what lovely garden plants..
cute and refreshing!
California Girl said…
ooooo, these are interesting and neat and the textures are wonderful.
Ann said…
Strange yet fascinating looking. I like it
What a unusual plant, I love how different it is. It sure doesn't look like it would have anything sweet tasting about it.
Most interesting plant.
betchai said…
i don't think i have seen this Jo, glad to see and learn this very unusual plant from you.
SquirrelQueen said…
Such an interesting plant, thanks for sharing.
Truth Ferret, both :D

Duni, Thanks, it's pretty cool to see in person

Carmen, thanks.

Me too Rainfield, the odder the better :D

Jingle, thanks

Kass, I try :D

Brian, thanks, I do too - sweets for the sweet :)

California Girl, Thanks so much.

Ann, I'm with you, I like strange :)

Catherine, HaHa, know what you mean. Thanks

Prairie, that's what I like about it, it's interesting look and feel. Thank you.

betchai, thank you and have a great weekend.

Squirrel, Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Icy BC said…
Wow..I have never seen these before, and they are truly exotic!
lina said…
That's quite an interesting plant. Thanks for sharing.

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