A Stroll Around The Botanical Gardens

Visit the San Francisco Botanical Gardens


Anonymous said…
I want to go on that stroll!
I love San Francisco and would love to visit again. Thanks for sharing
EG Wow said…
This looks like my kind of place - green and natural.
Secondary Roads said…
That is lovely. I'd like to spend a couple of hours there.
Bangchik said…
A forest, where trees stay in a bunch, dense and solid is always beautiful, natural or man made. ~bangchik
Bossy Betty said…
Lovely stroll! Thanks for taking us with you!
AVCr8teur said…
So much greenery and looks like it's all to yourself.
Angela said…
What beautiful trees, so lush and green. Thanks for letting us visit also:)
SquirrelQueen said…
What a beautiful place, I would love to stroll through all that green.
A nice day to stroll!
Ann said…
What a lovely place for a stroll. No wonder you like it there so much. I so wish we had something like that close by here. I think I would be there all the time.
Betsy said…
Pretty! Looks like you had perfect weather for that visit!
Diane AZ said…
The sky is beautiful, I love the trees and pathways. What a great place for a stroll!
Kass said…
Do you live near the Gardens? You must go there often or have a wonderful stash of photos. They're very inviting.
betchai said…
it is a very lovely and inspiring stroll, Jo. good for you, and love your pictures.
Brittany, It is so peaceful

EG, it is and so wonderful, you would love it. Thank you

Sallie, come on out, we'll go for a drink, thank you.

Chuck, you would absolutely love it. Thanks my friend.

Bang, you are so right, thanks for stopping by

Bossy, thanks for coming along :)

Karen, it is gorgeous and sometimes I am one of a very few there, that is when I truly enjoy it.

Angela, thank you for visiting :)

Prairie, thank you.

Ann, I know, I'm there at least twice a week, I've got to go visit my squirrel buddies too :D

Betsy, yes, I was lucky, we had blue skies and no fog, thanks for visiting

Diane, it was the perfect day for those shots, thanks,

Kass, Yes, I live about 10 minutes away and I'm there at least twice a week. I probably take around two hundred to three hundred photos each visit. Thank for coming by, as always, appreciated.

betchai, It really is inspiration for me and thanks my friend for stopping in :)
Icy BC said…
What a beautiful stroll through the park, with gorgeous sky view too! We had storm which knocked out our power for a while.
Icy, I heard about that on the news. I actually though about you when I heard it. Glad all is back to normal now.
ruthi said…
nice landscape.... nice weather.

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