Mellow Yellow Monday & Macro Monday

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RNSANE said…
Yellow flowers are my favorites and these are gorgeous. Jeremy just arrived home from Katie's Cal Poly graduation, armed with a huge bouquet of flowers that Katie's mom sent. I guess the house was totally filled with flowers! I'm happy to be the recipient.
Birgitta said…
Beautiful yellow macro shots!
Ma.links said…
Amazing photos.
siromade08 said…
What an incredible captured of those flowers, it's beautiful especially the yellow colors. Happy MYM.
SquirrelQueen said…
Gorgeous yellows. I see the first rose has attracted a little friend, great macro shots.
Wow....yellow roses are a favorite! Beautiful photography.

My macro is posted....visit with me today if you can. MACRO DURANTA BLOSSOM I'd love to have you stop by to view.
jabblog said…
Beautiful macros! I enjoyed your 'Today's Flowers' post too.
Dave said…
this is how i want to start my day, with bright colours and beautiful images to see.
DK Miller said…
Beautiful yellow flowers and bugs. Getting good at those macros. ;-)
So warm and cheerful these blossoms are!
Jan n Jer said…
Love the one with the fly on it! Pretty yellows!
Icy BC said…
Wow, Jo..this is a fantastic series of gorgeous photos. I love all your shots!
rainfield61 said…
You have some big one, I was left with only the small little.

But I am still feeling happy.
betchai said…
Jo, I love your new look too, it is gorgeous and lovely. and your macros are always stunning, the color you have right now in your background makes your pictures stand out more.
jakill said…
Well, the yellow looks so buttery and delicious. And I so admire your macro photography. Yiou really are a master of your camera.
DoanLegacy said…
Gorgeous yellow flowers series! You have fantastic shots..
Autumn Belle said…
Very beautiful macros. Excellent shots.
Carmen, yellow flowers are so cheery and beautiful.

Brigitta, thanks for your kind words :)

ma.links, thanks for visiting and commenting

siromade, thanks so much and happy MYM to you as well.

jabblog, thank you so much.

Dave, glad I could accommodate. Thank you.

Thanks Diane and I want to get better at the bugs :D

Walk in the woods, thanks so much.

Jan and Jer, thanks, I like that too. I always like capturing the little insects on them.

Icy, you are so sweet, thanks :)

rainfield, as long as you are happy that is all that matters :)

Thanks betchai, While I like a white background I think you are right.

Jean, thanks, I love using that setting so it's becoming easier.

Doan, Thanks so much :)

Squirrel, thanks, I love it when I come across those little friends on their petals :)

Hootin Anni, thank you and I definitely will stop by. I'll be visiting in a few hours. Can't wait to see your post.
JunieRose2005 said…
I, too, love ALL yellow flowers, but especially roses! You have beautiful flowers and do wonderful photography!!

Kala said…
Beautiful shades of yellow!
Liz said…
Gorgeous yellow flowers!

Happy MYM.

Liz @ MLC
Liz said…
Gorgeous yellow flowers!

Happy MYM.

Liz @ MLC
hip chick said…
Such beautiful yellow flowers. And, a wonderful variety. I love yellow roses.
EG Wow said…
Lovely yellow blooms...all sunshiny and cheerful.
Eng said…
lovely blooms of yellow. and ohhh! i love the new blog!
SandyCarlson said…
Really, really gorgeous.
PeacefulGirl said…
Joanne, these are sooo beautiful! I'm especially crazy about the 3rd and 4th captures.
Dimple said…
Beautiful flowers! I like to be able to name what I am looking at, but you stumped me after the rose! What are the others?
Life Moto said…
thank you for the greeting and visit. back to your flower. it is truly lovely picture.
chubskulit said…
I so love the one with shadow in it.

My MYM entry. Hope you can come by.
chasity said…
such gorgeous photos.....
love the yellow one tinged with pink.

Ann said…
gorgeous yellow flowers. I especially like that rose, the second one reminds me of a rose bush my dad used to have.
Dharma Shots said…
I love the yellows poppin' out so brightly...and great in macros.
JunieRose, Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words

Kala, thanks so much.

Liz, thanks for stopping by.

hipchick, I do too. Thanks for dropping in.

Dimple, I am not sure of all of them, I always forget to jot down their names but I do know the last one is a Chilean Bellflower. Thanks for your comment.

Life motto, thanks so much :)

Chub, thanks so much and I will stop by now.

Thanks so much, Ann.

Chasity, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Dharma, I love yellow in macros too, thanks so much

EgWow, thanks, they always put a smile on my face.

Eng, thanks. I played around with the new designer for hours to get it right :)

Sandy, thanks alot.

Peaceful Girl, thanks, I always try and get a good variety.
I just want to stick my nose into that pretty rose - yellow is lovely in the garden - I've not got that much yellow in mine just now. You've such a perfect array of blooms here. Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and commenting :) Rosie
Pagan Sphinx said…
Beautiful entries! Have a great week!
Irene said…
Great yellows!
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous macro shots of these beautiful flowers! I'm cheering right up..
Absolutely stunning!
Cinnamon-Girl said…
These are gorgeous! Especially against the backdrop of your new template! I love it.
anne said…
A very beautiful flower...
dawn said…
Just lovely Jo! And I love the new blog design!
Jama said…
Gorgeous flowers! I love the yellow rose best.
Mylene said…
Very great capture! Love the first photo with a fly and the last ;)

Thanks for the visit!
Carletta said…
The muted colors of the rose are beautiful!
I don't know what that last bloom is but I love the two tone color!
Nice shots!
Channal said…
I love roses... have a beautiful day! / Anna
Rosie, thanks for your kind comments. 99 percent of my photos are from our local botanical gardens here in San Francisco. I wish I had a garden where I could grow these lovely flowers :)

Pagan, thank you and to you as well.

Irene, thanks so much.

Mumsy, I'm glad it cheered you up, thanks.

LadyHIgh, thanks for visiting and for your kind comment.

Cinnamon, thanks, I was worried they wouldn't stand out due to the dark red but it's working fine.

anne, thank you.

dawn, thanks so much, blogger came up with some great new templates

Jama, very sweet, thank you.

Mylene, you are welcome and thank YOU for stopping by.

Carletta, Thank you. The last one is a bell flower from Chile. I loved it's color.
Anna, thanks for stopping by and to you as well.
angelcel said…
Lovely collection of flowers photos and yellow is such a cheery colour.
Ruth said…
Sooo yellow!!! Such a happy color. What lovely flowers you got there!
Jay said…
Are those first yellow roses rugosa roses? I love those, despite the thorns - they smell so gorgeous!

Nice series of sunny yellow. :)
Serline said…
Another great collection of floral close-ups. I can almost smell them ;-)
Eden said…
Beautiful macro shots. I love all your pictures.
dogsmom said…
Very nice choice of sequence. You draw us in and delight with your choice of angle. Delicate and expressive.
lina said…
Love the first photo. :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
these flowers make me happy! love the color.
Ali said…
Gorgeous flowers, I especially love the roses. Great shots! And thanks so much for stopping by!
dancingmatilda said…
some very nice macros and wonderfully bright & summery colours.
Self Sagacity said…
Yellow used to be my favorite color, now I don't know if I even have a favorite...LOL. But I think Trinity is starting to point out yellow a lot...could it be? Have a wonderful day.
angelcel, thank you so mucy

Ruth, I like the yellows too

Jay, I'm not sure but they could be. Despite the thorns I love them all as well. Thank you.

Serline, thank you so much

Thanks so much Eden, that is very sweet.

dogsmom, thanks for your kind words.

lina, thanks as always for stopping by.

Michelle, I'm so glad :) thank you

Ali, thank YOU for visiting.

dancingmatilda, thanks so much.

Self, :) thanks so much as always for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

Bambie, Thanks so much

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