South African Agapanthus


Icy BC said…
Oh Jo, what fantastic shots, just absolutely beautiful.
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous photos, and love your new header too..Beautiful damselfly!
Bangchik said…
Beauty needs to be born! ~bangchik
VanillaSeven said…
I simply love your flowers Jo! Flowers within flower! How unique!
Your macro shots are amazing. =) enjoy your sunday!
Diane AZ said…
Gorgeous white Agapanthus! Reminds me of the blue "Lily of the Nile" from the garden of my childhood home in southern California.
Icy, thank you so much and have a wonderful Sunday.

Mumsy, thank you, I like her too, she's very colorful in blue :)

Bangchik, absolutely, thanks for stopping by.

Vanilla, isn't it though, that's what I loved about it. Thank you.

paisley, Thanks so much and you do as well.
betchai said…
Jo, very stunning shots, your pictures are always very vivid, love love them.
RNSANE said…
Jo, I really love these shots where you do the super macro and then show us a more distant shot of the entire flower. They are breathtaking. We used to have agapanthas in our yard in Georgia.
SFBakstad said…
Those photos are amazing! Great shots! Its interesting to see something so up close like that. You've inspired me to pull out my macro lense! :)
Rosamaria said…
Dear, all your photos are amazing! You make a joy for our eyes.
Good week!
EG Wow said…
The agapanthus is lovely. Oh how I wish I could grow them in MY gardens. :)
Kass said…
So nice to witness the opening.
Ann said…
Not only is that a really lovely subject those photos are excellent.
DK Miller said…
Fantastic shots! How beautiful.
Ratty said…
Excellent photos. I like the look of flower buds so close up. So interesting.
Kala said…
Excellent detail and depth of field!
betchai, thanks so much these were a little unusual but I like that :)

Carmen, I like these agapanthus too, thanks :)

SF, :) I love macro, seeing things so closeup is just so fascinating and exciting.

Rosamaria, Oh, you are sweet, thank you.

EG, :) I know huh? Thanks so much

Kass, nice way of putting it, thanks.

Ann, thank you

Thanks so much, Diane.

Ratty, I do too, sometimes, in fact most of the time I like the buds much more.

Kala, thanks so much, have a great week.

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