Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Photo courtesy of the LA Times

Photo courtesy of trendsupdates.com

There are so many memories that have taken root in my mind and heart while growing up listening to Michael and his music. To list just one song or one memory is impossible. I've loved Michael ever since I was a child listening to the Jackson 5. His death touched me deeply and on this one year anniversary I wanted to pay tribute to the kind and loving person he was and the extraordinary musician he was. I have many favorite Michael Jackson songs but I wanted today to bring you Earth Song - one of the most heartfelt and important songs ever written by Michael. Take time to watch and really listen to the lyrics. Understand that we all need to protect and save our earth from destruction because it is in our hands and we all need to do our part to save our home.

RIP Micheal, we love you.


I have always been a fan of Michael and the Jacksons. More people need to become passionate about saving our planet and using God's bounty for the good.

Thanks for the visits and God bless!
Judy, I so agree with you and you are welcome. Thank YOU for stopping by and commenting.
maiaT said…
Beautiful post and tribute to the King of Pop.
You've chosen a wonderful song to commemorate this day and for me to begin the day.

Thanks for the lovely comment.
Have a great weekend!
MedaM said…
I too loved Michael and his songs. Not only he was a king of Pop but he was also a man with a big heart. I am thankful to him for the aid he gave to Sarajevo. Bosnian people appreciate his help. May God bless him and may he rest in peace! The Earth Song really is special and heartfelt. It inevitably reminded me of our last war…...Thanks for this post, for this beautiful tribute...
EG Wow said…
Nice tribute. I think many of us were touched deeply but his sudden death.
rainfield61 said…
"you will never walk alone".
earthtoholly said…
What a beautiful, haunting tune...proof that despite all his troubles, he still *had* it. Thanks for sharing, Joanne.
Secondary Roads said…
I heard on the radio today that his estate has earned $1 billion over this past year. The reporter said, "Sometimes, death is a good career move." At that point, I turned it off.
carolina mts said…
It is so sad someone with such talent passd so soon. He will be missed. I too had lots of memories from his songs. Thanks!
I was always a huge Michael Jackson fan. I remember my friend and I listening to tapes of him in the car and singing along. I've always loved this song, he was ahead of his time in many ways.
This is a beautiful tribute. It's hard to believe it's been a year, but even harder to believe he's passed away.

Rest with the angels, Michael.
Ann said…
Spectacular video but then I wouldn't expect anything less from Michael.
maia, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a beautiful weekend.

MedaM, thank you for your kind words and he did do so much to help anyone in need. He was a special soul

Eg, yes it was certainly a huge shock.

Rainfield, beautiful and true words.

Holly, thank you and glad you enjoyed it.

Chuck, That's disgusting. Comments like that are made by uncaring, illiterate people.

Caroline, he is very missed and thanks for stopping by.

Catherine, I too remember all thos cassette tapes, some of which I still have. You are right, he was way ahead of his time.

Terrianne, thanks so much for your beautiful words.

Ann, Exactly, thanks, Ann.
RNSANE said…
It is sad to see one with such talent die so young. I wonder how his children are doing. We hear they are handling things "well" but this last year must have been so traumatic for them. Look how all of us were affected by Michael's death as he was on the verge of relaunching his career midst a frenzy of good wishes and hopes for the future.
betchai said…
thanks for sharing Jo, Michael writes and sings with so much passion it touches the heart of many, I'm with you in living Michael's dream and quest to help Mother Earth preserve its resources and majesty.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hello Jo
DOn't get me wrong, I like Michael J but what I don't like was the controversies he got himself into.
He was such a great talent!
Icy BC said…
Oh Jo, this post touches me and moving me to tears for the words you wrote about Michael, and for the video that you shared! Peace to him..
AVCr8teur said…
Sometimes I still can't believe he is gone. He does leave a legacy of wonderful songs behind. His music will live on forever.
Glynis said…
He is one of those stars you expected to live forever. A sad loss to the music world. I hope he has found the peace in his life he needed.

I love this song!
Carmen said…

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