Water Droplets

Photos taken around my neighborhood with the Olympus SP-600UZ 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Wide Angle Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD


Secondary Roads said…
Refreshing. Very nice theme and great pix.
VanillaSeven said…
Love the water droplets on the flowers :)
Have a great weekend Jo!
Really liked the leaves surrounding the bloom on the 3rd pic.Nice post!
betchai said…
all beautiful, Jo, the third one is very unique.
RNSANE said…
Great pictures...I haven't even gotten to use some of the ones we took on our outing. Some of my bird ones were wonderful. I hope to post them on Wednesda.
RNSANE said…
That zoom is fabulous....does a great job. Of course, the photographer is pretty fabulous, too.
Thanks Chuck

Vanilla, thank you and to you as well.

Prairie, we think alike, that's what I liked so much about that photo.

betchai, isn't it though? Thank you :)

Thanks Carmen, you got some great bird shots. I took so many of Manfred I don't know which ones to use. He'll be debuting on Wednesday :)
Ann said…
Those are so pretty. I have a post with water drops scheduled for next week. Guess we were thinking the same thing :) You are getting some great shots with that camera of yours.
EG Wow said…
Very nice shots of water droplets on lovely flower petals!
Martha Z said…
Lovely, dewy shots, I like the way the agapanthus (?) in the third shot seems to be hugging itself.
SquirrelQueen said…
I love water droplets on flowers.
Droplets made pictures more beautiful. You're on a higher level now Jo. I just shared this post to my friends at FB.
AVCr8teur said…
Quite a cooling effect during such hot Bay Area weather.
Ann, thank you and you what, when I took these photos I didn't even notice the water droplets until I uploaded them. I didn't have my glasses on when I took them so it was a wonderful surprise. I'll make sure to check out your post, though I do almost daily anyway :D How about water droplets on Duke? :)

EG, thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

Martha, thank you, I loved that as well. Have a great weekend.

Squirrel, it adds that special something to the photos, thank you.

RS, I saw that and thank you so much. I shared YOU, your recent post with my FB peeps as well.
Karen, yes, I took these last week during an overcast, foggy and misty morning. They are refreshing today, though.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful, and gorgeous flowers, Jo..Love the water drops on flowers. So fresh!
Ratty said…
Just beautiful. I love these colors on flowers. Some of my favorite.
Icy, Thanks, I didn't even notice the drops until I uploaded them on the computer :D

Ratty, Glad you like them, thank you.
Campbell Jane said…
So Beautiful! The third one is dreamy! Have a beautiful weekend.
ruthi said…
I always love photos of flowers with water droplets. They look so fresh and alive.
lettuce said…
beautiful - and the water somehow makes one imagine the scent

is that 3rd picture agapanthus? your neighbourhood is way ahead of London, season-wise
Mumsy said…
Gorgeous shots! The water drops on those flowers look like sweat. Beautiful colors.
Self Sagacity said…
Pansie is one of my favorites. I think the flowers are sexy looking with water droplets.
Jane, thank you and you have a great weekend as well. Thanks for stopping by.

ruthi, yes, they are so refreshing, thank you.

lettuce, thank you, I'm not sure what that is but yes here we have blooms all year long.

Self, I think you are right, they are. Thanks :)

Mumsy, Yeah, they do sort of. Thanks so much Mumsy.

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