Plethora of Purple Flowers


Really charming, the last couple remind me going up Mt. Baker in WA.
rainfield61 said…
I wonder there are how many types of flower around. Just like there are how many beautiful girls in our neighbourhood.

We must have enough of them to be captured.
Thanks, Prairie, always appreciated

Rainfield, LOL!!! That should be your next challenge. Capturing all the beautiful women in your neighborhood on camera :D
RoseBelle said…
Very NICE!! I don't think I've seen any of them but how beautiful they are!
Thank you Rose Belle :)
Secondary Roads said…
That certainly is a plentiful plethora of pretty purple posies.
Every garden needs a handful of purple. Fabulous blooms. Cheers FAB.
Anonymous said…
Great purple flower shots, I like them very much! Have a nice evening! :)
Mumsy said…
Wow..I love your purple series of these beautiful pictures! They are just stunning!
Ann said…
Pleasingly pretty purple plethora :)
Thank you Chuck :)

The early birder, Purple always spruces things up, thanks for visiting

tina, and thank you have a wonderful day as well.

Thanks, Mumsy :)
Maria said…
Really wonderful pictures! So nice! Thank you for visiting :)
Snap said…
Plethora is right! Wow!
RNSANE said…
Great purples...I think I saw some of them yesterday. I need eye shadows in every color!
Bossy Betty said…
Love the last three especially! Do you know the name of this flower? I tried to get some good shots of one around here but couldn't capture it as nicely as you have here.

I went out this morning to take just one or two pictures of some flowers and ended up with 68 instead!!!
Thanks so much Maria, it was a pleasure.

Snap, :) thank you.

Carmen, LOL! I took all of these shots weeks ago.

Bossy,I don't know their names. Like you though, I do the same. I'll intend on a few shots and end up with hundreds :D
Dave said…
Great series, i love them all.
Pam said…
Stunning and glorious come to my mind as I view you fabulous lavender flower photos...
fini said…
aside from morning glory, I didn't get to see much of purple flowers like these!! Great shots and thanks for sharing:)
DoanLegacy said…
Such a wonderful series of flowers! The second picture is so exotic.
Cinnamon-Girl said…
Purple flowers are my favorite! So pretty.
chubskulit said…
Oh Lord, these are all lovely!
betchai said…
I love all of them Jo, the silken and soft purple is so captivating.
AVCr8teur said…
Did you go to a purple flower convention? So many lovely pictures!
fullet said…
I love purple, but this is overwhelming, so beautiful!
Today I received your book, it was really fast! The cover is brilliant, one of the best I've ever seen — as regards Carmen's book cover... I already wrote to her... :D. "Writer's Block" caught my eye instantly. I'll read the book slowly, then I'll try and write a review.
Self Sagacity said…
Okay Joanne, I give up! :-) I don't know all those flowers and just gasped at their beauty. Amazing how many there are!
Fantastic photos! =) I can't wait to shoot some soon too!
Diane AZ said…
Simply amazing purple flower images. I like the variations in colors of the foxgloves.
THank so much, Dave.

Pam, thank you, it was so much fun taking these shots.

fini, I took all of these at the botanical gardens so there is so much variety. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Thanks Doan, it is and I'm not sure of the name but I liked it.

Cinnamon, thank you so much and I'm glad I caught your favorites.

Thanks so much, Chub.

betchai, thanks, yes the softness is so beautiful.

Karen LOL!!! nope, they were all taken at the botanical gardens

Fullet, you did receive that quickly. Also, I wanted to also get your mailing address so I can send you a thank you gift. I will contact you on your blog. Thanks so much.

Self, thanks and there were still more that I did not photograph because my batteries were low :)

paisley, thanks so much for visiting and joining. Can't wait to see your shots :)

diane, I know, gorgeous huh? Thank you.

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