Macro Flowers Saturday - Exotics

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Be sure to click the photo widget above to view some fantastic macro photography by other participants.


betchai said…
hi Jo, they are indeed very exotic, and i love the lighting in your shots.
rainfield61 said…
.... as beautiful as a flower.
Manang Kim said…
Indeed very exotic. What is the name of this flower, it's my first time to see this kind so beautiful! Happy weekend!

Six petals
Stunngly beautiful shots! I am sure that I have never seen those first two flowers before! Intriguing!
Kass said…
I love the middles of all these flowers. So intriguing and spidery.
maiaT said…
Very beautiful and exotic indeed.
I don't know what they are but I admire those perfect petals on the second shot.
Thanks for this beautiful contribution to Macro Flowers Saturday.
Have a great weekend!
cat said…
What different looking flowers. They are gorgeous and you have captured them splendidly.
Ann said…
Beautiful exotic flowers. My favorite is the second shot. Excellent
JM said…
Wonderful exotic flowers!
BJ Roan said…
Beautiful. Do you know what it's called?
You know flowers are always an eye catcher for me.
lina said…
those flowers are indeed exotic looking.
DK Miller said…
Those are all such beautiful and exotic flowers. Lovely.
betchai, it is always such a challenge with the lighting but I got lucky on these, thank you.

rainfield, thank you, you are so sweet

Manang, you know I'm not sure of the name, but I will check it out next time I am there. Thanks so much for visiting.

Greyscale, thanks for visiting, I think they are South African but not sure. Have a great weekend.

Kass, I know, kinda cool, huh? Thanks

maiaT, Thank you for this wonderful meme. I always look forward to it :)

Thanks so much, Cat.

Ann, yes, these are really cool flowers, the more exotic, the more I like them. Thanks, Ann.

JM, thank you

BJ, no I don't but I'm going back to the gardens this week so I'll check it out. Thanks

Prairie, I know you love flowers, thanks again for coming by.

lina, thanks so much.

Diane, Thank you my friend and have a great weekened. Lacrosee this weekend?
Lovely flower shots. Are either of those top two Love in a Mist or nigelia? Neat. Some feedback is that your site seems to load quite slowly, but it may be my connection.
Sara, You know what, I don't know their names but will check it out this week when I am at the gardens. It's been a little slower due to the new blogger template. Thanks
Nina said…
Just beautiful! The third one is my favorite!
Those are lovely macros - I am sure that the first 2 are Nigella as I recognise the distinctive foliage but I have not got a clue what the 3rd one is.
Nina, thanks so much for visiting.

Rosie, Thanks so much for that. I Googled it and you are correct. I had no idea of the names. Thanks for the info.
Icy BC said…
Really exotic flowers! They are just amazing..
Icy, you know I love the exotics, thanks so much.
ruthi said…
great macro shots... nice details.

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