Old Windmill @ Beach Chalet - The Brenda Photo Challenge

The old windmill at Beach Chalet in Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

Take the Brenda Photo Challenge and make sure to visit all the participants for some great photography. This theme is weathered and worn.

Photos taken with the
Olympus SP-600UZ 12MP Digital Camera with 15x Wide Angle Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 inch LCD


*MrsMartinez* said…
These photos reminded me of the windmills i took on our way back from Banaue Rice Terraces! Love it!
Thanks Michelle. It's the only windmill we have here so it's considered a celebrity :) xoxo
RNSANE said…
That's a nice choice, Jo. The house and car we saw came out all blurry so I couldn't use that one...what a bummer.
Carmen, Well, it was the only thing I had that was even close to that theme. The care and house you took was perfect so I'm sorry it came out blurry. These photos challenges are fun.
mor og datter said…
Thank you for your comment on my side. I love your photos!
Yes, these photo challenges are fun!
Anonymous said…
How cool. These are magnificent. There is something fascinating to me about windmills. Love this. Thanks for sharing :)
rainfield61 said…
My picture must well suit the theme of this week: weathered and worn.
Ann said…
What a beautiful windmill I love the way the roof is done. I've really been enjoying these brenda photo challenges
Tes said…
Lovely entry, Jo! That old windmill really has character! Love it! Good capture too -beautiful against that blue sky. :D
rainfield61 said…
Sorry. To explain further.

What I have mentioned earlier about my pictures I actually mean my potraits.

My potraits can surely be one of them: weathered and worn!
Cindra said…
I love windmills and this one is wonderful!
Manang Kim said…
Hmm without blogging I didn't know their is a windmill close to the Golden gate. It's really classy. Happy Saturday!

Weathered and Worn
June Coe Harris said…
I love windmills. These are totally different than the ones here in Kansas, but they are beautiful! Great shots and thanks for sharing!
Fun shot, liked to eat there.
Brenda said…
Wonderful!! What a fantastic old windmill!
Anonymous said…
Love it! Reminds me of the one in the town I grew up in. It was upper New York State and settled by the Dutch so in honor of the history... ~Jeanne
mor, aren't they though? I always love a challenge. Thanks for stopping by

Thom, thank you so much and yes, there is something about windmills that is just fascinating.

Rainfield, LOL! You are so cute :)

Ann, thank you and yes I'm enjoying them as well. It's fun taking shots for a particular theme.

Tes, thanks, I got lucky that day, the sky was completely blue, clear and free of fog or clouds.

Thank you Cindra so much for visiting.

Manang, yes it's been here for years and renovated many times. Thank you.

Thank you June, it's the only windmill here in SF so it's a celebrity of sorts.

Prairie, Come out out and we'll have a picnic there.

Brenda, thanks so much.

Aview, Ah, sounds wonderful so I dedicate this to their history :)
Emm said…
That is really quite beautiful Jo! I love this little corner of Holland in the Golden Gate Park.
SquirrelQueen said…
Oh wow, that is so cool. I love windmills but the only ones I see here are the giant power generating variety. Rustic is better.
Fantastic photos. Love the windmill. So nostalgic! :-)
AVCr8teur said…
Nice shot and fit for the theme! I've only seen this driving by the Great Highway, but never stopped to photograph it.
Emm, that is a great way of putting it, Holland in GGP.

Squirrel, Yeah, I agree, the older the better - at least in windmills :D

Accessory, Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend.
Karen, what's cool about the area is there is a tulip garden surrounding the windmill. For some reason though, it was so windy that particular day I could not get any good shots of the tulips.
AL said…
We have windmills here but they're the modernized ones, those are classic and still beautiful.
Icy BC said…
That looks like a tall windmill. I don't see many of those anymore unless we drive all the way back upnorth somewhere.
Ratty said…
This is great stuff. I just love windmills. I was just looking at one that is similar to this. Yours has that nice stone look though.
AL, They certainly have character, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Icy, It is pretty tall and has a tulip garden around it. It was also featured in some film years ago but I can't remember the name now. Thanks Icy.

Ratty, It is pretty cool, thank you.
Anonymous said…
A really neat shot. Windmills have so much character, make me think of Man From La Mancha who was always fighting windmills. :)
Nita Jo said…
Beautiful windmill. The weathered condition makes it even more special!
WR said…
What an interesting subject for the theme. Great job!
dibear, that's right :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

Nita Jo, Thanks, it is something to see :)

WR, Thanks so much.
Madison said…
Gasp! These are so beautiful. Great job.
Donna said…
How cool! Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
very interesting windmill...and wonderful shots!

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