Macro Monday - Insects

A leaf her landing strip.

On an SF coyote mint flower.

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You were brave getting up close to those little wild bees! I'm convinced they decide to go into turbo speed when there's a camera about as I find it hard to even get a photo of them.

That little damselfly is so beautiful.

Great bug shots.

Have a lovely week :) Rosie
Rosie, I always wait until they are too busy to even notice I am there, however I did almost get stung the other day. Thanks for your comment and have a great week ahead :)
Autumn Belle said…
Wow, these are great shots. It's been ages since I last saw a real damselfly. The flower in the last picture looks like a small flower and you could even capture the tiny bee.
Icy BC said…
I love insects on flower photos! They added another dimension to general feel. Gorgeous shots, Jo!
EG Wow said…
Your bees and damselfly are very well shot!
chasity said…
very nice photos.
i especially like the damselfly.
they look so delicate and beautiful.
I love seeing those bees busy at work. We see little damselflies like that here by our pond. They are so delicate looking.
rainfield61 said…
You have my friend the damselfly in your blog.
Autumn Belle, yes with that macro lens it is amazing the tiniest of flowers or creature can be captured. Thank you.

Icy, they really do, I get so excited now when I see insects :D

EG, thank you so much.

chasity, thank you they are very delicate and colorful.

Catherine, I was able to capture it when it was landing on the leaf. It was so tiny and delicate I almost didn't see it.

Rainfield, Yes, she is a colorful little one.
"Lillagul" said…
Great shots !
I love to photograph insects too :)
Have a nice week !
Lillagul, I get really excited when I see one, knowing I can capture it - if it doesn't fly away first :D
Kass said…
Love the bugs! There's a whole tiny world going on if we care to notice.
Dharma Shots said…
That baby dragonfly is the kicker. I love dragonflies!
Kala said…
The damselfly on the leaf is such a sweet capture!
DoanLegacy said…
Gorgeous shots of flowers and insects! Love that damselfly!
Madison said…
Hello darling, I hope you are well. It's been a while since I heard from you. This post, as always, is immaculate. The dragonfly, especially.
Keep in touch, doll.
Ann said…
We all seem to be going buggy lately with the bug It's fun capturing them with the camera though. That second one is very cool
Ratty said…
Insects are such beautiful creatures. You've captured these well. I love being able to examine these little creatures.
AndrĂ©e said…
OH wow. Great photos! I especially like the damselfly (or is it a dragonfly? I have to identify the species first).
Chesney said…
Those are hard to capture and you did an awesome job! Beautiful!!
Kass, exactly and it can get a little buggy :D

Dharma, she was a tiny little one :)

Kala, I love that one too, thank you

Ann, I know, I've seen so many bug posts around, we are all on the same wavelength :)

Ratty, thanks, it's so cool to just observe them.

Andree, I had to do some research too but it's a damselfly. I loved the coloring.

Chesney, Thanks so much :)
lisaschaos said…
First I want to apologize for being so slow making it around, my son got married over the weekend and the extra house guests involved have made me a little slower than usual.

You found many beauty! I love how beautiful flowers attract so many visitors!

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