Mellow Yellow Monday #72

Manfred @ Spreckles Lake in Golden Gate Park

Along the Great Highway @ The Cliff House

Municipal Railway bus stop decked out in floral attire.

Lincoln Park golf course in San Francisco


Have fun and visit the Mellow Yellow Monday participants.


Rinkly Rimes said…
You've been keeping an eye out for intersting yellows!
Rinkly, I have, it's my first time to participate so I tried to find an eclectic mix. This is fun :)
☺lani☺ said…
Wow! sorry I made you hungry LOL! My first time to join mellow yellow! Have a great week ahead of you!
Madison said…
I love your recent themes, so creative. Though for you, creativity is a natural trait. Thank you for such kind comments, love. You are so encouraging. Your new book is incredible. Incredible.
Birgitta said…
Wonderful photos!
Angie said…
Great photos - love the bus stop. Thanks for your visit.
ilovepink1078 said…
Great shot.I love white bird with yellow beak.

By the way, I followed you in Google connect and Networked. This is one way to keep in touch. Hope you do the same.
MAPEH homepage
Pink Go Green
siromade08 said…
Love the go car, looks very fun to ride.
eileeninmd said…
Great series of MYM photos. Love the gulls beak! Great capture!
Ann said…
Great selection of yellows. That's one fancy looking bus stop.
Great shots... I most like the first one :)

Thanks for dropping by
Anonymous said…
I'm having such a hard time with blogger today, and not sure if my comments are going through..I like your Mellow Yellow series!
chubskulit said…
The first shot is my favorite.

Horse Back Ride for MYM.
RNSANE said…
Well, three out of the four pictures are VERY familiar to me!! I even took that golf flag at Lincoln Park...wasn't sure what I would do with it. I was so happy to see my sweetheart, Manfred. I did love that seagull and they aren't normally my favorite.

Off to spend two days on the should be nice...lunch in Pescadero at a place called Duarte's.
lani, I loved it though. My first time to join too, it's fun.

Madison, thanks so much and I'm glad you are enjoying the book.

Birgitta, thanks for stopping by and commenting

Angie, thanks the bus stop is unusual :)

ilovepik, isn't he a cutie, thank you

siromadeo8, they are all over the city and tourists love them. Thanks for commenting.

eileen, thank you, he was a little diva and loved the camera :)

Ann, I know huh LOL! Thanks

lina,thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Mumsy, thank you, many are having trouble with blogger today, hope it is fixed soon.

Chub, Thanks, it is mine too.
RyHeAnNe said…
That's a lot of yellow shots! So nice :)
Irene said…
Great yellows ... and thanks for visiting!
Ry, LOL, I couldn't stop myself :D

Irene, Thank YOU so much
golf course flag
taunting club swingers
with fluttering

Mound of Gold
haha sweet ride :)

If your interested check out my new photo challenge website,
A new photo challenge evey week, check it out...its abit different from the others.

have a good one!
Eden said…
Wow, lots of yellow there.
I especially love the first one.
Thanks for sharing
anne said…
I so love the pose of the Manfred over there, thanks for the comment you left in my blog
Magical Mystical Teacher, Good one, I love it!!! Thanks for stopping by.

cai, thanks and I will check it out.

pinay, thanks

Eden, thank you and have a great week.

anne, you are welcome and thanks for visiting.
Tina said…
Its funny how much yellow you can actually see on your travels! I always thought it might have been a hard colour to find at first.

Happy belated MYM :)

Tina from
Mummy Diaries
Gossip Avenue
Travel Shack
Game FreakZ

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