Night and Day - Moon View

Taken with my new camera


Campbell Jane said…
Very cool! Nice camera!
Fantastic photos, especially zoomed in with all the surface details :-)
RyHeAnNe said…
Awesome shots, taken in just one day? The moon moves :)
Night clarity is nice, did you use a longer exposure? I used to like and set up on a tripod and shoot 3-5 hour exposures of the stars.They streak across the sky.
Clueless said…
Beautiful again!! There is always night and morning. Like life there is a promise for both.
Kass said…
Just great. Should be framed and featured in a room with Asian decor.
jenniferw said…
I'm mesmerized by your moon shots! I looked up at the dazzling moon last night and wished I could photograph it. I don't think my camera would do it justice ... which is why I'm in the market for a new one! I like your new Olympus! Happy snapping!
rainfield61 said…
Night and day, we see each other, in this blogosphere.
Thanks Jane,

John, thanks, that is what I've been trying to capture, all those surface details.

Rye, Thanks, yes, they were taken within about 5 hours of each other.

Prairie, Thanks no, I just shot it with the full zoom and my flash.

Clueless, Ah, so poetically expressed.

Kass, fantastic idea, thanks.

Jennifer, I was never able to get a moon shot with my old camera at all. So, with the zoom on this new one, I was very lucky. Thanks so much.

Rainfield, :) you are too cute. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
That night shot is amazing. I love your new camera!
lisaschaos said…
Nice moon! I love aiming in its direction!
Ann said…
I love pictures of the moon. I have a ton of them on my computer. I probably should delete the really bad ones that I got while Yours turned out really good.
Mumsy said…
How wonderful these moon looks in night and day!
lina said…
Awesome moon photos. :) I simply love gazing at the moon.

I agree with Kass. You should get it framed.
Icy BC said…
I love the night shot of the moon. So beautiful!
SFBakstad said…
OMG! That is stunning! Such a great shot! We do a lot of moon photos, too! Really, so beautiful!
RNSANE said…
I forgot all about the moon - too busy being a grouchy hospital patient. Wonderful shots!
dawn, thanks so much, I was so happy to finally get a shot of it.

Lisa, I know, it's so much fun, thank you.

Ann, thank you, you would't believe how many I deleted practicing :D

Mumsy, thanks, I wanted to show the contrast.

lina, thank you, I may just do that.

Icy, thanks so much, I'm glad you like it.

SF, Thank you, it's the first one that came out okay :D

Carmen, Thanks, glad you are home.
Annie said…
I love what you did with this. So simple and such impact.
AVCr8teur said…
Nicely done! Sometimes simple subjects make the best photos!
fini said…
Wow, I like your camera, mine a little older version than yours, I tried to capture the moon but not so satisfied with the result! Great shots!
I should buy one of those camera.
*MrsMartinez* said…
I love this Jo! You already saw the one I took In Boracay when I went there on vacation last May right?

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