The Brenda Photo Challenge 6/19/10 - Bedtime (rated PG)

Ah, the comforts of home in a three star hotel. Next are the three things I must do at bedtime.

Count sheep

Have a sip

Photo taken by Carmen :)

And, well you get the idea...
(Photo subject clothed to protect identity)

This was a fun challenge so make sure to visit the Brenda Photo Challenge and see what all the other participants posted.


Ann said…
I'm guessing that the three things you must do aren't necessarily shown in the order in which you do Great job with the theme, love it.
Bangchik said…
Nice photos on bedtime subject.... About jeans, it could just symbolize doing laundry or ironing. I don't wish to explore further.. haha.

Cheers, have a great weekend.
Donna said…
You do Laundry before bedtime??Hahahaaa...teasing!
Love These!! Especially counting Sheep!!Hahaa
Happy weekend!
Like your sip.Sweet dreams.
lina said…
Hmmm... I wouldn't say no to a peek of photo #3, of a certain someone here. *wink wink*
DK Miller said…
Great shots to capture bedtime. :-)
Ann, LOL!!!Thanks, this was a fun theme. I'm headed over to check out your bedtime activities in a little while :D

Bang, I never thought of that but it could be :D

Donna, Thanks, this was a great challenge, loved it!

Prairie, thank you :)

lina, you are hysterical LOL!

Diane, Thank you :)
Kass said…
Oh, this is delightful. Thank you so much.
Secondary Roads said…
Creative and interesting. I make up stories instead of counting sheep. Besides, the sheep sometimes track in mud . . . :)
Chuck, you've got a point there :)

Kass, :) you are welcome
betchai said…
creative and funny post Jo, the last pic cracked me up :)
betchai, LOL! I had to do something funny with this :)
WR said…
A good sense of humor here! Nice photos! Enjoyed your entry to the Challenge! :)
RNSANE said…
Miss Jo, you should have explained WHY I took this photograph so people won't get this wrong impression - I'm working on an ad for male Depends and, if you will note - and I'm sure you've given that jeans picture close perusal, it appears there could have been some staining from past incontinence.
Carmen, fess up, you are just an avid crotch shooter :D

WR, Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting
jenniferw said…
The bed looks MOST inviting and the counting sheep part is just ... darling. I don't know what to make of the last pic, bwaaaaaahahaha so I'll just go now.
Donna said…
Hahaha, you better keep it clean! Funny approach to the challenge!
Diane AZ said…
Cute post, the bed looks comfy! :)
Brenda said…
Great bedtime shots!!!
Jennifer, LOL! Thanks for stopping by and commenting

Donna, I tried to keep it as clean as I could :D

Diane, It was. It's actually a pic of the hotel room I stayed in while traveling in Hong Kong.

Brenda, Thank you so much.
Sheri said…
Okay yeah, you made me laugh, three things you must "do". Ahem.
Sheri, Glad you laughed :D Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Very clever. Love the sheep. :)
dibear, thanks. I took the sheep photo about a year ago at our zoo and thought it would lend to the theme :)
SquirrelQueen said…
What a fun take on the challenge. I really enjoyed your photos but I would like more info on number 3.

Thanks for the giggles!
Glynis said…
What a fun challenge! Cheeky one :)
Anonymous said…
hahaha great spin on the challenge. ~Jeanne
Icy BC said…
This is a fun post, and you leave the reader to their own translation at the end! Brilliant!
Sheri said…
Loved your challenge pics. Started my day with a chuckle!
Squirrel, lol! Thanks, he'd kill me if I gave out any info :D

Thanks Glynis LOL!

Jeanne, thanks alot for stopping by.

Icy, The first thing hat came to my mind for this challenge was that last photo so I had to use it :D

Sheri, glad I could accommodate :D Thanks
Linnea W said…
Hope you had a swell time!
Linnea, I certainly did :D Thanks
ruthi said…
You cracked me up. I agree with the last suggestion. It does put me to sleep quick. hahahaha
Anonymous said…
lol, great representation.

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