Theme Thursday - White

With my new camera, each time I am home and hear a bird or plane outside I'm running out to capture it through my zoom lens. This plane looked like a dot in the sky to the naked eye but I was so happy to catch it with my camera.

I've posted this photo before but I love it and I think it's perfect for the white theme. Weeds can be beautiful.

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It is fun to have more zoom especially for those far away shots that show you something you can't see.I took shots of pelicans all day only to see that a fox was across the lake watching also when I put them on computer.
thanks for dropping in @ the mouse!

that seems like one terrific lens you got there! it's so easy being green - tee hee! i would like one like that....ah, someday perhaps

love the closeup - ah, a weed to one person is a flower to another. a pure and perfect puff if you ask me!!
LD said…
That dandelion is just magnificent! I'm envious of your zoom lens.
betchai said…
OH, how i wish i can take pictures everyday too, Jo, am so glad for you. i agree, weeds can be really beautiful, and uniquely beautiful in their own way.
Ann said…
I agree there are some very beautiful weeds. It's almost a shame to call them one. Cool capture on the plane
Tracy said…
Nice photos. That's a great zoom you've got there, and I think dandelions are cool. Thanks for stopping by today. Happy TT!
Gorgeous pictures. I really want a new camera with that ZOOM! I did a post once on wildflowers/weeds. I think they're beautiful too.
Brian Miller said…
oh, love that soft and fluffy...nice pics. and happy theme thursday!
Prairie, Yes it is a great feature. The zoom on my old camera never worked so I could never get photos like this. And, I want to see those pelican shots of yours. It is amazing sometimes what you can find when you upload the photos.

LD, thanks so much.

mouse, :) I agree, it is different for all of us. Thanks for stopping by.

betchai, I am just lucky that I have the time now though that will change sooner rather than later. Yes, those weeds to me, are gorgeous.

Ann, you are right, I hate calling them weeds. Thanks for coming by.

Tracy, Thank YOU and to you as well.

Sallie, I'll have to check out that meme. thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Brian, Thank you and to you as well.
RNSANE said…
See, if you got a job, Jo, what would you do? It is so much harder to run out if you're waiting on a customer, etc! The pictures, of course, are terrific. Good thing you aren't living here, near the airport. You'd be rail thin - and you're already kind of slim.
Nice soft hit! Happy TT. -j
So often you can hear a plane in the sky but can't see it. If you had that zoom lens you could see it. I want a camera like yours, also. I see the ad for it on the right. I think I'll mosey on over and buy it. That ought to be good for your Amazon points.
The weed photo is lovely.
Carmen, I will be getting one next year sometime so the customers will have to wait :D Now that's an idea. A job at the airport, for two reasons, plane shots and discounts on flights.

Harnett, Thank you so much for visiting and happy TT to you as well.

Barbara, Exactly, you need a good zoom and please do buy it on my widget, I need all the Amazon points I can get :) It really is a great camera, though. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words.
Tom said…
fluff ball! you gotta get closeup to see the value in that weed!
rainfield61 said…
With the new camera, you behave more like a small kid now.
Tom, absolutely, thanks.

Rainfield, lol! I am a small kid with graying hair :D
Betsy said…
You're giving me camera-envy!
DK Miller said…
You are getting some fantastic photos! And it's always good to stay a kid at heart. :-)
Icy BC said…
Oh that is a great image of the plane, and the picture of that weed ball is gorgeous.
Dave said…
Weeds can be beautiful indeed.

Congratulations on your new camera and happy photo hunting.
Secondary Roads said…
Fabulous! Telephoto to macro. I love it.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Your camera took awesome pictures! xoxo
dawn said…
Oh wow! These are great shots Jo!
And yes weeds can be so beautiful!
Betsy, :) Thank you

Thanks Diane, I feel like a kid most of the time :D

Thank you Icy :)

Dave, yes they can, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Chuck, Yes, and that macro setting I love :)

Thank you Michelle xoxo

Dawn, Thanks, they really can be an I see it all the time.
Gabriela Abalo said…
the 2nd pic is gorgeous - I also love taking pictures of flowers - they are so beautiful and a joy to share.

Gabriela, they certainly are, I always enjoy seeing them up close. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, it is very much appreciated. :)

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