Camera-Critters #115

Midnight is what I call him - taken at the Palace of Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

My friend Carmen's buddy Manfred - taken at Spreckles Lake in Golden Gate Park

My squirrel diva buddy - taken at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco

My buddy Dominoes - taken at Spreckles Lake in Golden Gate Park

Camera Critters

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rainfield61 said…
You have so many good friends in the Botanical Garden.
*MrsMartinez* said…
My favorite is the second picture although I miss seeing the squirrel. We don't have squirrels here in my country. When I saw it for the first time, I thought it's cute but I was warned that they might bite.
Bossy Betty said…
I love coming to your blog. It's always peaceful and lovely. Thanks for being an oasis for me.
jenniferw said…
Lovely critters, Joanne! And so lovingly captured by you! Hope you're having a Happy Father's Day and a relaxing weekend.
SandyCarlson said…
These are really stunning birds, and they are wonderful pictures.
Michelle, Mrs. M, Yes I like the seagull too. I love all birds :) Squirrels actually won't bite unless they feel threatened. They are very friendly out here and used to humans.

Rainfield :D Just call me "nature whisperer"

Bossy. Oh, that is so sweet, thank you and you know I love your blog as well.

Jennifer, thank you so much and I hope your weekend was special as well.

Sandy, thanks so much for visiting and commenting.
KaHolly said…
Nice assortment of pictures. My favorite is Dominoes. I used to have a cat named Domino, Minnow for short. She was a gray tabby, named after a song my daughter was learning in the chorus, not for her coloring. ~karen
Peaceful Girl said…
These are all great! I really like the first photo - very cool.
SFBakstad said…
Don't know how you do it, but you do it so well! Those are great shots!
Ann said…
Great critter shots. Love the contrast between the first and second one. The first has a rather fierce look in his eyes while the seagull looks so calm and happy
KaHollly, Thank you and what a sweet story :)

Peaceful, Thanks he doesn't look so happy does he ?

SF, thanks so much for your kind words

Ann, I know huh? seagulls are always so calm and peaceful, this one in particular is a cutie. My friend actually fed him by hand and it was so cool to see.

Jan, LOL! Thank you, I love em all.
Karine said…
I think Dominos just won the most appropriate name contest! lol
ruma2008 said…
It is the wonderful moment.
I seem to hear his breathing...

Karine, :D You may be right, thanks.

ruma, ah, very beautiful words, thank you.
LadyFi said…
Great shots - you seem to be able to capture them with great expressions too!
LadyFi, They think I'm the paparazzi and they pose for me :D Actually, the squirrels do pose, it's so cute. Thank you
Shelley Munro said…
I enjoyed meeting some of the wildlife around San Francisco. :)
The new lay-out compliments your ever beautiful pictures, from flowers to animals.. 1 thing remains. The poetry on your photography.
jabblog said…
Lovely captures! They pose very well for you :-)
Dave said…
that first guy looks menacing.
lovely shots.
Short Poems said…
These are stunning pics!
You have lovely blog!
DoanLegacy said… took so many great photos of different critters. They are adorable!
cat said…
Lovely critters all of them and very nice shots :)
lisaschaos said…
I think they're following you! lol Midnight scares me!
Shelley, this is nothing, you should see the human wildlife around SF :D

RS. you are so sweet, thank you my friend :)

jabblog, thank you, they think I am the paparazzi

Dave, yeah I have to admit he was a little scary, I got a quick shot of him, I didn't want to linger :D Thanks

Short poems, thanks so much for your kind words.

Lisa, I think so too. Yes, midnight is a scary dude :D
AVCr8teur said…
You have nicknames for all your buds! :) Your friend Dominoes reminds me of a penguin.
Very lovely shots of your buddies :)

Sorry for the late visiting you back. I've got connection trouble here...
Karen, I do, weird I know :D He does look like a penguin, that's why I love him so much :)

lina, Oh, I hope your connection is back working now and thanks so much for the visit.

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