Theme Thursday - Candy

Let's see - Marilyn in wax or an Elvis impersonator. Who makes for tastier eye candy?

Both photos taken on Hollywood Boulevard in October 2009.

The theme for this Thursday is Candy

This was fun. Make sure to check out the other participants at Theme Thursday


Well, it seems as if I have the theme wrong. Everyone else has been posting stories or poems however since I already have this up, I'll leave it up. So, your take on the candy theme?
RNSANE said…
My take would be marzipan...though eye candy is a good second...I would think that someone named Dennis would be up there.
Carmen, if this wasn't a G rated blog, you which pic I would have chosen for the post :D
Brian Miller said…
ha. nicely done...that is the beauty of theme thursday...its all in the interpretations...i almost went with eye candy...have not been to wax museum in years...happy tt!
Brian, thanks. I thought I had done it wrong because so many other entries were all just written words. Anyway, happy TT to you as well.
Kass said…
I like what you did with candy just fine.
CafebyJW said…
I prefer the lady one :)
Had Elvis next door for a few years. He would come over and borrow glue to fix his costumes.Used to have him play a few dinner parties.
Ann said…
Well I suppose the choice would depend on who's Love your take on the theme, very creative.
Cafeby, they both have their eye candy allure :)

Prairie, Wow! Are you serious? That is so cool. I bet you have so many stories.

Thanks Ann, :)

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