Chris Botti @ Davies Symphony Hall

As many of you know I had the privilege of attending the Chris Botti concert at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco last night. I want to thank Gary and Trish so much for a fantastic evening.

Davies Hall is home to the San Francisco Symphony which is touted as the premier symphony in the world. Last night was clear evidence of that fact. They were in house with Chris Botti and his band.

The hall itself is just gorgeous and seat arranged for optimal performance viewing. The lighting superb and the sound immeasurable. We had great seats to a point where I could see the stage and performers perfectly and without the use of my glasses. They do not allow cameras so I was not able to take a photo however above is a photo of my autographed CD/DVD. We waited in line for a chance to get Botti's autograph and I was so star struck by the time I was right in front of him, with those gorgeous and piercing blue eyes looking at me that I could not even speak :D

In my humble opinion he is probably the best trumpeter in the world. He's smooth as silk and makes that trumpet sing like nothing you have ever heard. A musical feast for the senses is the only way I can describe his artistry. His band consists of artists who are second to none. His drummer, Billy Kilson is in a league of his own. That guy can pound out those beats like no one else. Phenomenal does not adequately describe this musician. I was blown away by his solo last night.

Chris also had a couple of special guests to include Lisa Fischer who toured with the Rolling Stones and sang backup for Tina Turner. This singer belted out tunes with the jolt of a rock singer and the finesse of a fine tuned jazz vocalist. A unique and eclectic voice that blended perfectly with Botti's band.

Caroline Campbell took the stage with her violin making that instrument swing and sway for an incredible performance both hypnotic and mesmerizing.

It is a wonderful feeling to experience a concert and be in the presence of such greatness. The epitome of excellence all on one stage. It was exciting, hypnotic, tantalizing and just simply superb.


Thanks to Chuck over at Secondary Roads for this wonderful award. Please visit his blog and I pass this award to all who visit my blog. Thank you.


Ann said…
Sounds like a great time. An evening to remember
Absolutely, thank you Ann and have a great weekend
i always love live performances.
betchai said…
i love live performances too Jo and concerts, lucky you were able to attend one last night and enjoy it.
RNSANE said…
What a treat for you, Jo. I am so glad you got to attend and that it was such a wonderful evening.
Willie, I do too, there's nothing more exciting :)

betchai, Thank you, it's always a treat for me.

Carmen, it was great and we'll have to look at the schedule and choose something there soon.
Icy BC said…
Sounds like you had a great time, Jo!
Anonymous said…
Autograph? I thought that maybe someone had defaced your "Chris Botti in Boston" cd.

Thanks for the post-show, late night snack, Jo. Great eats and company!

G & T
Icy, thanks, I had a wonderful time.

Anon (G&T):) LOL! I will treasure that cd/dvd always. Thank YOU two - the Woods for a concert to remember. I had a blast and you are welcome. Wasn't that fun?

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