Watery Wednesday

Seal Rock @ Lands End in San Francisco

Water fountain at Lincoln Park in San Francisco

It's Watery Wednesday Time


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous shots, Jo! I love the ocean scene.
RNSANE said…
Nice shots, Jo...that one looks like Land's End, near the Cliff House! Is the fountain at the Botannical Gardens? It was a nice outing today. Can you believe my two shots of that car and house were blurred? You should walk back down there and get it for weathered and rusty! I can't remember where it was exactly.
DK Miller said…
Beautiful! I love the first shot - so lovely.
cai said…
Nice water photos!
If your interested check out my newly opened photo challenge website thats not like the others. www.weekdayphotos.com.

Have a look and hopefully ill be seeing photos from you soon :)

Have a good one
I can watch the ocean like some do television.
lina said…
It is a watery Wednesday at my part of the world - it rained in the afternoon! ;)
Kass said…
Love the colors here. So wistfully refreshing.
Icy, thanks, I took that out at Lands end at ocean beach yesterday. It's called Seal Rock. It used the be the hangout for the sea lions until they found Pier 39

Carmen, I took both of those yesterday when we were at the beach and that fountain at Lincoln park. It's too bad that care was blurry, it would have been perfect.

cai, thanks so much and I will definitely check it out

Thank you Diane

Prairie, I'm with you, I could sit there for hours and watch :)

lina, oh, :) Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Kass, Thanks so much, it was a gorgeous day out there.
Luna Miranda said…
wonderful watery photos. the beach is my favorite.
Luna, thank you, yes I love this beach too. Thanks for visiting
EG Wow said…
I want to walk barefoot across the sand into the water. :)
mARTy said…
gorgeous photos, a taste of holidays;-)
Ann said…
Seal Rock is absolutely gorgeous. WOW that's an awesome photo.
veredit said…
Especially the first picture is a dream!!!!!!!! The love of the sea that binds us all together ...
bettyl said…
The color of the ocean is wonderful!
EG Wow, so do I :) thanks for visiting.

mARTy, Thank you.

Ann, It really is, I love it there, Thanks.

veredit, exactly, I completely agree with you. Thanks for stopping by.
betty, thank you is was a gorgeous day yesterday when I snapped that shot.
Ebie said…
Gorgeous view! I have never heard of this beach and would visit if in the area. Love the gentle rushes of the waves to the shore.
Luckaa said…
I love it, especially the first picture.
AVCr8teur said…
Is this by the Legion of Honor? I've been wanting to go there to take some photos. You picked a beautiful day to go!
NatureFootstep said…
I love that first photo. It is beautful.

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