Stems Give Birth

stems give birth
in full bloom

From my latest book - Petals Unfold


Secondary Roads said…
Lovely. Image and verse.
RNSANE said…
That brought up horrible thoughts! What if I'd had five Jeremys or Alexes - at their weight! Alex was 8'6", Jeremy 9'8" - and they didn't deliver by C section.

Sorry, digressing...great picture. I wonder if plants feel pain.
Bossy Betty said…
Ooooooooooooo. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
Mumsy said…
Beautiful image and wonderful verse!
rainfield61 said…
Stems give birth, and hopes.
Dave said…
what a story to tell!

Diane AZ said…
Delightful picture and words! I like your header photo too. :)
Thanks, Chuck.

Carmen, plants do feel pain.

bossy, Ah, Oh and thank you :)

Mumsy, thanks for the kind words

rainfield, ah yes, hope it's all we need.

Dave, Thanks so much :)

Thanks, Diane for coming by.
Ann said…
what a cool photo and nice verse to go along with it
fullet said…
Hi, Joanne, today I received your postcard and photo :) They're wonderful, I can't believe I have one of your amazing photos and your autograph at home, it's such a magical and inspiring gift. I feel fortunate and happy. Thank you very much!

I never saw a birth like this one before, it's a beautiful mistery.
Ann, glad you like it, thank you.

Josep, I am so happy you received it. I was worried I did not have enough postage on it. Glad you like it and thank you so much.
Autumn Belle said…
This is so poetic! Wow, I love the picture and the words that blends so well.
Ah, this is a rare photographic scoop. It's like the birth of a magnificent creation of God. Thanks for the photo. God bless you always.
maiaT said…
Beautiful photo and word, you probably have many more in your book.
Life Ramblings said…
great shot and wonderful thoughts to match.
Kala said…
Gorgeous capture of new life bursting forth.
Its so exciting waiting for some favourite blooms to open in the garden isn't it - to express it like the birth is really good. Your Haiku verse is lovely too. I had never heard of Haiku until I started visiting your site.

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