Today's Flowers 6/12

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RNSANE said…
Just got home from CPMC ER at 1:45AM...three hours there. My right leg is giving me fits. Nice to see these gorgeous flowers to cheer me up!
Ann said…
What beautiful flowers, I can almost smell the fragrance. That last one reminds me of flowers my dad used to have around his house.
rainfield61 said…
Your webpage is burning, your white flower is burning, everything is burning.

ruthi said…
Lovely Jo. The photos are so vivid I can almost smell the flowers.

Have a wonderful week ahead.
eileeninmd said…
Simply beautiful! Have a great day!
betchai said…
gosh, Jo, the foldings of the petals of these roses are amazing, you captured them wonderfully that it seems we are looking at the heart, the twist and turns in the inner being of a rose.
Bossy Betty said…
Ohh! Lovely! I love macro shots of flowers! I can almost smell these beauties!
ian said…
i must say flowers 3 and 4 are the most interesting for me. the patterns are intricate inasmuch as they feel delicate =] well done!
M and D, Norway said…
I love your flowers!
Carver said…
Wonderful sequence of flowers and photographed so well.
maiaT said…
Another series of gorgeous flowers!
They are very pretty, all of them but the Sweet William in the last one is my favorite.
Beautiful macros! Very well done.
Carmen, I'm sorry you are going through that. You need to rest it for a while.

Ann, thanks, I wish there were a way the fragrance could be posted :) All this technology, maybe that will happen someday

Rainfield, I am just one burning, red, hot blogger :D

ruthi, thanks so much and to you as well.

Thanks so much Eileen for visiting.

betchai, so poetically stated, thank you :)

Bossy, thanks I love macros as well. I'm obsessed :D

ian, thank you, yes the colors and patterns are very cool on those.

M and D, thank you

Carver, thanks for your kind words.

maiaT, I like those too, they always make me smile when I see them. Thanks again for visiting Maia, very much appreciated.

Iowa, Thanks so much.
April said…
The roses are divine. Beautiful photos!
Rosamaria said…
Your macros are gorgeous, I don´t know which one I like best.

Have a very nice week!
CherShots said…
these are gorgeous. i can almost feel the softness of the petals, and smell the sweet aroma's wafting.
Diane AZ said…
Oh wow, so beautiful! I imagine you had a wonderful time photographing and smelling all the roses. :)
AVCr8teur said…
You're getting a lot of use from your new camera. I really like the last picture. It looks like many umbrellas opening up.
Kass said…
The top ones are kind of Georgia O'Keefish. Very cool.
I like the new look of your blog.
Vernz said…
Hi Joana, awww, these are pure beauty... love yous new skin ... thanks for dropping by..
Ebie said…
Great macros on your flowers. Roses give the sweetest scent. I love how you captured the orange rose showing its clusters.
Perfect close seeing all flowers :)

Thanks for visiting
April, thanks so much, roses are a favorite.

Rosamaria, thanks so much for visiting and sharing your comment.

Chershots, very poetic, thank you :)

Diane, Absolutely, that was one of the best parts, inhaling those gorgeous scents.

Karen, how creative, it really does look like that. Thanks so much my friend.

Vernz, thanks alot and I always love visiting you.

Kass, wow, that is quite a compliment, thanks so much and I hope you have a good week ahead. You're in my thoughts.

Ebia, they do smell so sweet and thank you for dropping by.

lina, You are welcome and thanks to you as well.
Annie said…
In my short time visiting here, I've come to expect truly beautiful floral tributes from you. These do not disappoint. The 3rd one down, the beautiful poppy orange rose, is my favorite.
lazyclick said…
Beautiful shots of flowers. They look very delicate and lovely.
Anonymous said…
These are beautiful roses, Joanne! Great color on the dianthus. Excellent macros.

Thanks for visiting and for your comment!
Jama said…
Lovely, lovely flowers! I can't decide which photo I love best.
SquirrelQueen said…
The roses are so beautiful, I can almost smell there delicious scent.
Willa said…
oh my! I love all the flowers. I don't know what to choose, they are all beautiful!!!
DoanLegacy said…
Oh my goodness, there are so many beautiful flowers. Just lovely!
Annie, thank you so much for your kind words. That particular one is a favorite of mine as well. I'm really enjoying your blog.

lazychick, thank you for stopping by and commenting

Stephany, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Jama, :) thank you

Squirrel, Ha, I wish there were a way we could do that :) Thanks

Willa, thank you for coming by, very appreciated.

Doan, Thanks my friend :)
melita said…
Beautiful shots !
*MrsMartinez* said…
you shoot beautiful macro! love it!
Denise said…
Brilliant macro's and stunning flower shots. An amazing variety of the most beautiful blooms. Thanks for sharing.

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