Quacky and Nuts You Silly Goose


DK Miller said…
Great shots Joanne! you'll be doing a photo book next I think. :-)
Diane AZ said…
The squirrel is adorable, I love the bushy tail! Looks like one of the ducks is shy. :)
Diane, you have ESP. I'm waiting on a proof right now. I'm concerned about the quality of paper for the photos, there wasn't a choice so it depends how they reproduce on the paper as to whether I'll release it or not. It's a macro flower book with haiku. I'll let everyone know soon if it's released :)

Diane, Thanks. Those ducks are hilarious to watch, they are always sticking their head underwater like that, I wish I knew why :)
ruthi said…
I so love the 3rd photo. What a great balancing act. hahahaha. Wish I could do that.
Ann said…
Love your post title and it fits your photos perfectly. Love the last shot of the headless duck...lol
RNSANE said…
Such cuties, they are! Aren't the ducks looking for fishies to eat when they're under water?
ruthi, HaHa, I wish I could too...

Ann, LOL! There's a story there somewhere.

Carmen, :D I don't know but the do that alot. Either that or they're bobbing for apples :D
I think the squirrels are rocking the photos! =)
paisley, HaHaHa LOL! I think you are right. Thanks
Jingle said…

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