Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday

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Nancy E said…
Cool --- you can almost see the shape of an animal --- love the yellow and the green colors. Well done.
Ann said…
Great shot Joanne, so crisp and clear and wonderful depth of field.
Jan said…
What an interesting shot of this bloom. Well done.
Nancy, thank you.

Ann, I got lucky with this shot :)

Jan, Thanks, blooms fascinate me.
lina said…
Lovely. Your blooms always are fascinating Jo. :)
Cher said…
great SOOC shot! amazing macro! i need a macro lens!!! lol!
EG Wow said…
Lovely shot of the bud about to unfurl!
Ashley Sisk said…
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for visiting.
Sheri said…
I love the delicate petals! Great capture.
lina, thank you so much.

Cher, they are so much fun :)

EG, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

Ashley, Thank you :)
Sheri, thanks so much.
Betty Jo said…
Beautiful shot with awesome bokeh.
Jan n Jer said…
Perfect Macro..I need pratice.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful macro shot!
I like to take photos of buds as they are so interesting. I haven't guessed what yours may be yet. Fabulous.
Gypsy Lala said…
Cool, what flower is it?
Thanks to all of you for stopping by, reading and commenting. Have a great week ahead.

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