Camera Critters - Squirrels & Frosted Flakes

While visiting my squirrel diva buddies at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, I always try and bring them a healthy treat. This particular day I decided to surprise them with one of my favorite cereals, Frosted Flakes, sans milk. It is very amusing watching the behavior of these little critters. I placed a pile of the flakes on the ground and they would pick out one flake and prance away over to a bench, up a tree or just a few feet away from the pile. They'd munch on that flake until it was gone then - return and repeat. It is so cute to watch them even though we are not supposed to feed them anything. When they beg, my heart melts and I have to comply.

Camera Critters

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Hi Jo
Just want to ask if squirrels have rabies?
Joanne Olivieri said…
Hi Michelle, No, they are not known to carry rabies. However, I always put the food on the ground. I never feed them directly because they are out in the wild and you can never be too cautious. They are very friendly though and love people :)
SquirrelQueen said…
What an adorable little squirrel, great capture. Reading your comment above, since their eyes are on the side of their head they do not see directly in front. Hand feeding is not good since they could miss the food and accidentally nibble a finger. You are wise to put the food on the ground.
ruthi said…
Great shot again Jo. I love these guys. I always have seeds scattered in our backyards for them and the birds.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Squirrel, that makes sense and I never really thought of that. Wise. They are just so cute :)

ruthi, how cute :)
Ann said…
Love the shot. He sure does look like he's enjoying those frosted flakes
rainfield61 said…
I can never have a squirrel be so close to me. You have a good partner.
Ratty said…
It never occurred to me that squirrels would like something like frosted flakes, but I bet they go crazy for them. They're made out of similar stuff they already eat plus with added sugar. That must be a great treat for them.
Leslie D. said…
Funny. And very unlike the bluejays I feed in my backyard who stuff as many peanuts into their mouths (beaks?)as possible. Great shot of one of my favorite critters.
cat said…
Yes they are so adorable you just melt :) Cute photo.

I didn't have anything to feed the ones in my pictures. Even if I had had anything I wouldn't have dared because the locals looked like they wanted to kill tourists that fed the squirrels.
jabblog said…
Very cute - they'll be anticipating your next visit with pleasure ;-)
Wow, 2 more frosted flakes fans...........:)
Great shots.
Zuzanna Musial said…
Dear Joanne, your photos are adorable.
I love all what you do with your blog.
It is a pleasure visiting with you.

Have a great weekend!

PS: Thank you for leaving a nice comment for me,Zuzanna
Cheryl Kohan said…
That is a wonderful photo, Joanne. I can totally see you taking pity on the little guys. We once had a cat who would take one piece of kibble, move away from the dish, eat it and then return for more...maybe she was part squirrel!
teresa said…
very cute but they are devils in my garden.
Snap said…
Squirrels and corn flakes!!! Who knew?!!!! I guess I did ... little garbage disposals!!!!! But cute ones.
DeniseinVA said…
What a lovely photo of a very cute squirrel. I'm sure they love to see you coming, with you being so kind to bring them cereal. We have lots of squirrels around here. I'll have to see what they think of cornflakes as I have never fed them that before.
An English Girl Rambles
Chubskulit Rose said…
Awww that is very nice of you to give them treats. We love frosted flakes to.

My Camera Critters
Cute! I haven't seen the squirrel that used to come to our garden for a while now.
Romina said…
They were spoil they have their favorite treat. They must love you visiting there always. Beautiful shot of the squirrel, lovely critters they are.
Elizabeth said…
Great shot, with the agave in the background and the furry friend feasting on the Frosted Flakes! I find squirrels to be irresistible, too, and fun to photograph, altho you have to be quick or they've run off.

I enlargened the picture as big as it would go because I was drawn by his large eyes...and I think I could see the reflection of you there, taking the picture! Take a look...LOL.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Ann, LOL! He got the last of them too. I'm without now :D

rainfiled, I love them, they're my little buddies.

Ratty, I usually give them either nuts or Ritz Crackers with peanut butter though I wanted to test the flakes. I'm sure though that sugar is not good for them on a regular basis :)

LD, :) it is interesting how they go about eating. I would love to see bluejays in my yard.

TR, thank you so much :)

cat, I don't know why everyone is against feeding them. There are signs all over the botanical gardens stating not to feed them. Or course I never read signs :D

jabblog, They run after me when they see me. I don't know if it's because they remember me or because they see me with a camera :D

Iowa, LOL! :D Thanks.

Zuzanna, thank you for visiting and for your kind words.

Cheryl, :D that could very well be, cute.

teresa, I've heard that from many people. Thanks for visiting.

Snap, I like that, little garbage disposals :D

Denise, I usually bring nuts or Ritz crackers with peanut butter. I didn't have anything but cereal this time and it seemed like they love it. However, I don't have any for myself now :D

Chub, one of my favorite cereals too.

Nikki, he may be on vacation :D Thanks.

Sironade, Thank you. I love visiting them.

Elizabeth, LOL! I did enlarge it and look thru his eyes, yep, there I am - hilarious!!!
Anna said…
The little squirrel is just so cute!
Unknown said…
He's so cute! Also like the succulents in the background. Great capture.
Why do these little critters look so cute until they are in my backyard tormenting my dogs!! Very nice composition.

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