Lazy Day

Whenever I am at the gardens and encounter a beautiful blue sky day the song by Spanky and our Gang "Lazy Day" always pops into my head. So, I decided to grab some audio of that song for you. Enjoy! while strolling the gardens.


Ann said…
What a great song to have in your head while strolling through the gardens. I had a lazy day but no music and no pretty garden to walk through :)
ruthi said…
Nice song. It does match your beautiful photos of landscape.
Annie said…
Hi Joanne, what I really like about these photos is that the location isn't identified. I'm guessing this is the botanical gardens but leaving their location a mystery does a lot to allow them to somehow be our own beautiful landscape that we can go an explore any time.
Gary Orona said…
Wow. Looks so quiet and relaxing. Reminds me of Nan Lian Garden in HK. I hope you don't mind if I follow your blogs. I can't help but comment on your beautiful photos.
lina said…
I wouldn't mind lying down on the grass and enjoying the park, looking at the sky. :)
Jean said…
What a wonderful nature walk and song! I had a lazy Sunday.:)
Traci said…
What a beautiful lazy day! Looks like a picnic and a nap in the sunshine is called for! What a glorious scene.
Angelica said…
Which gardens are these so I can soon visit?
Aren't you loving the weather today? Very relaxing pics.
EG Wow said…
I'd love to spend a lay day there! I think I'll bring a book and sit for a while between strolls.
CM said…
What a nice "virtual" stroll...thanks for taking us along!
Bossy Betty said…
Oh I want to take off on these lovely paths!
Duni said…
The gardens look so peaceful. What I wouldn't give for a blue sky right now. It has cooled off considerably over here plus we're having a lot of thunderstorms :(
One day I will come visit!!!
Ann, sometimes those lazy days at home are the BEST too :)

ruthi, thanks so much.

Annie, you are so right and very creative minded. Thank you for that.

Gary, thanks so much. Where is that garden in HK? I've been to the botanical garden and hong kong park in HK but I don't know where the garden is that you've mentioned. Do you live in HK? Thanks for following :)

Mami, I do too, it's my home away from home.

lina, it is so peaceful and refreshing.

Jean, thanks, I did too and love lazy days :)

Traci, I absolutely agree, thank you.

Angelica, these are the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park.

EG, there you go, the perfect spot for reading.

CM, you are very welcome and thanks for visiting and commenting.

Bossy, it is so wonderful, I wish you could.

Duni, I would love you to come visit and I will show you around. We are having a heat wave here for a few days but it never lasts too long in SF :)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful green garden! It must be wonderful to spend time taking pictures of flowers and walk around to enjoy the scenery.
Icy, it is so inspirational and peaceful there just like I'm sure when you go to your conservatory. It's a refreshing outlet.
Anonymous said…
Thank you!! As I viewed your lovely photos and listened to Spanky & Our Gang, I felt the knot of tension between my shoulders start to unravel..
Anon, you are welcome, glad you enjoyed it.

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