Shadow Shot Sunday - Garden Shadows

All of these shots taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Click the above widget for more interesting and cool shadow shots.


Sylvia K said…
What gorgeous shadow shots for the day! The first one is particularly lovely! I love botanical gardens! Enjoy your weekend!

Ralph said…
The trellis adds a nice angular set of shadows to the flower shadows. The sun falls so nicely on the tree limbs that leave shadows akin to arms, beckoning us to view all the exhibits...Lovely gardens!
EG Wow said…
Lovely shadows in the gardens!
Annie said…
Like especially the photo 2nd from the bottom. It looks like a line up of crosses, a favorite image of mine.
Ann said…
Very nice shadow shots. Love that trellis
Sylvia, thank you. I also love roaming those gardens.

Ralph, thank you and very artistically expressed.

EG, thanks :)

Annie, you are right, it does. Thank you.

Ann, that trellis is gorgeous each year. Thanks :)
Joops, thanks so much.
what fabulous shots, I love visiting botannical gardens, they can be a shadow hunters haven.
nana, thank you and I agree. With all the trees, flowers, plants and leaves etc... there are always shadows to go around.
imaginationlane said…
Aren't botanical gardens the best place for those of us who love photography? These are wonderful shots you got! I particularly like the trellis shadow...

Ruth said…
Ohhh lovely garden! Beautiful shadow shots.

Have a wonderful weekend.
anka said…
It must be really cool under those shadows. Beautiful!

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