Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday

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Jan said…
Looks as if a lot of work was going on in the top two shots. Love the last two of the bud and open flower.
ruthi said…
amazing macro shots of the flowers both the bud and the one in bloom. great composition.
EG Wow said…
Ah, a fellow gardener! The flower is beautiful!
Bangchik said…
I am looking at the first photo, and I see a man climbing up the most dangerous rock face. The man is fashionable with unusual flat top dyed hair do.... Cheers
Jan, thanks so much. Have a great weekend.

ruthi, thank you my friend.

EG, Thank you so much for stopping by.

Bang, ? Thanks for visiting.
Liz said…
Wonderful! The 3rd photo is my favorite.

Happy Sunday Jo! :)

Ratty said…
I like all of these pictures. And especially the first two because they're not what is usually shown by most people. I have taken pictures like the one of the cut down tree for that same reason.
Liz, thanks so much and Happy Sunday to you as well.

Ratty, Exactly, I liked them because they were different and I saw something in each. The second one is my favorite. I know there is a poem in there somewhere :) Thanks, Ratty.
Kass said…
The blue wheelbarrow. I like it.
*MrsMartinez* said…
Hi Jo
I love the macro shot of the last photo. I can hang the picture on my wall.... very colorful!Have you seen the orchids on our garden?
Sadia Hussain said…
Wonderful images Joanne! The second one is a perfect picture to paint! A delight for the artist!
Would like to thank you again for your continued appreciation of my works .
Hugs and have a great weekend!
rainfield61 said…
A Sunday with some actions.
Dani said…
gorgeous photos.

The last one- marvelous.

From wood textures to flowers - a delightful collection of photos! The textures of the bud are especially fascinating!
Ann said…
You've got some nice shots there. I like that second one, the look of the tree, the fence next to it and the wheelbarrow resting quietly after a day of hard work.
Sheri said…
Love the bud and flower shot. So pretty.
Lynn said…
Someone has been hard at work! The macros are wonderful.
Jan n Jer said…
wow that is one old tree, lots of work involved as shown. Great photos.
Pagan Sphinx said…
I love that pink flower. Is it a Gerber daisy?
Manang Kim said…
Beautiful shots and the bud is colorful!
Fountain shadow
Anonymous said…
Very nice series!

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