Mellow Yellow Monday - Chinatown San Francisco

Lion dance head dress.

Typical apartment building in Chinatown.

More apartment buildings. Many of these were bordellos back in the Barbary Coast days.

Red lanterns lining the main street.

Typical menu posted outside restaurants.

A monastery located on top of a bank building.

A tea shop.

The main street in Chinatown.

Cathay house - an excellent restaurant and landmark building.

Typical market in Chinatown.

Carmen's Lunch - A whole roasted pig at the counter of Yee's restaurant. She would not even share it with me.


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RNSANE said…
That Jo is such a tease....she had her camera handy when these guys, straining, carried this whole pig out of the kitchen. I did have a roast duck for lunch ( Jo wouldn't eat eat because she's gotten too attached to the ducks at the Botannical Gardens. It was too greasy anyway ).

It was a fun day. My Chinatown post will be out in a few days.
SquirrelQueen said…
There are certainly lots of beautiful shades of yellow in these photos. I really like your second photo of the apartment building. Great perspective on that shot.
Bossy Betty said…
So fun to see these sights Great colors too!
Stephanie V said…
The yellow under the balcony on the apartment building really grabs my attention. Love the vibrant colors which reflect the vibrant life of the people.
Ann said…
Chinatown looks like a very colorful place. I love the apartment building.
Anonymous said…
With photos like these it is no wonder that I am a dedicated fan. Smiles, Chey
chubskulit said…
Very nice phtographs, looks like a real China hehehe..
*MrsMartinez* said…
When DH and I vacationed in san Francisco we stayed in a hotel just beside the arc of Chinatown... was it ASTORIA hotel? I forgot hehe
nice pictures Jo!

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