Asian Art Museum - Japanese Porcelain and Pottery

Japanese Hand Warmer

Japanese Porcelain Camellia Plate

Japanese Porcelain Fern Plate

Japanese Pottery Vase


Bossy Betty said…
So pretty! What intricate work!
RNSANE said…
Those are just beautiful, exquisite pieces, Jo. I do love Asian art so much.
Ann said…
Love them all but I think my favorite is the pottery vase. Wouldn't ya know I like the plainest
bessye said…
Hi Joanne!
What lovely photos. I have to say I can see your improvement in all your photos, the beautiful flowers too. I love them all and find them inspirational. You know there was a new beautiful yellow out this year in Snapdragon's, your mothers favorite flower. I had them and they stood out so much, they were quite captivating.

Ratty said…
I would have Japanese art around my house if I could remember to do anything like that. I'd have to clear out all the electronic junk I have laying around first.
Self Sagacity said…
I just love the first one and the last one. I am a fool for containers and boxes, my mother always say, she has a hard time pulling me away from one when I was a kid.
Icy BC said…
So intricate, and fantastic designs on these pottery pieces!
Elise said…
Thanks for the Photo, Beautiful Japanese Art,
There is this Art Gallery Yakimono in Paris, showing nice pieces.
Yakimono Paris

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