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betchai said…
oh, bee party, awesome Jo.
Bossy Betty said…
So many bee-u-tiful hotels! Thanks, honey!
Bangchik said…
That circular thing, is that tendrils?... tentacles, tendrils, limbs are all the same....
SquirrelQueen said…
Those are some very happy bees, I usually don't see that many together on one bloom. Beautiful macro shots.
Cher said…
the 2nd photo is the best!
Beverley Baird said…
I love your macro shots! The bee motel is a great capture!
Thanks for stopping by.
Intriguing detail in these photos! And love the "bee motel" idea!
Lui, Heaven said…
Wow, what a great motel! If they are accepting people and dogs, please reserve a space for me and my hounds! ;-) We want to witness where our honey makers are getting their food!
maiaT said…
I love the title, that first picture really looks like one.
Your macros are gorgeous, again, with perfect details.
Have a great weekend!
leavesnbloom said…
I can so relate to a bee hotel here too. Great photos.
Ann said…
grow more of these flowers, and you can keep a bee hive.
Ann said…
Great macro shots. I just love that second one. I must not be too awake yet because I didn't even notice the bees in the first one until I read the other comments. I had to scroll back up to look at all the pictures again to find
RNSANE said…
That bee motel day was such fun. The other shots are incredible as well but I don't think I saw them with you. The little twirly whirly thing is cute.
Icy BC said…
These are gorgeous macro shots of all the flowers, Jo! I love them..
BJ Roan said…
Love the bee Motel. Great place to spend the night. ;) All shots are fantastic!
Jean said…
Great images! Each one has great detail.
Flower Town said…
I love those twirls, I seldom see them...then if I could, I'd take several photos of them. Great set.
fini said…
busy bees!! I got difficulty in capturing one and you got lots of it here!! Great details in every shot. love it all ! :)
NatureFootstep said…
thre are some interesting shots here. And you are right, a macro lens opens up a new world. :)
Tricia said…
WoW! That 1st shot was an awesome find, there's so many of them in there! Wonderful shots!

Enjoy your weekend
betchai, there were so many bees around that day it was unbelievable. You can ask Carmen, she was with me. I'm surprised we did not get stung :D

Bossy, you are a kick. You should do stand up comedy - seriously :D

Bang, yes tendrils from a plant though I don't remember which one.

Squirrel, yeah that was an unusual day for the bees.

Cher, :) thank you, I like that one too.

Beverly, Thank you for stopping by.

Greyscale, thanks that's just what it reminded me of, a motel :D

Lui, LOL we will all reserve a room :D

maiaT, thanks so much for stopping by as always. Very much appreciated.

leavesinbloom, LOL! Thank you.

Ann, these were taken at the Botanical Gardens here in SF thank God, so I don't have all those bees around :)

Ann, :) I know they look like part of the flower unless you really look closely.

Carmen, that was a fun day. These shots were all taken on different days. That tendril was just so exotic, I had to get a shot of it.

Icy, you know I love doing those macros. Sometimes they turn out well and many times they don't. Thanks :)

BJ, LOL I'm not sure I'd want to spend the night there :)

Jean, thanks so much.

Flower town, yeah they are pretty cool to see. Thanks for stopping by.

fini, they were so busy, they didn't even notice me :)

NatureFootstep, absolutely, it opens a new world not seen before.

Tricia, thanks so much and you have a great weekend too.

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