Macro Monday - A Colorful Bouquet

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Sonya said…
Fantastic Macro shots!
Sue said…
Beautiful macro shots, sue.x
Sonya, thanks o much.

Sue, thanks for visiting and your kind words.
Ann said…
That is a gorgeous bouquet. I especially like the white one with the white center
Kala said…
So many colorful centers of flowers - thanks for sharing!
Tammie Lee said…
each one is so lovely~
leavesnbloom said…
oh what colourful centrepieces - I've got a red rose that has the same centrepiece as yours.
Ann, thanks I do too. It's just so pure looking.

Kala, you are very welcome and thank you for visiting.

Tammie, thanks so much.

leavenbloom, how beautiful and thanks for stopping by.
tammymcchesney said…
All of these bursts of color are spectacular!!!
ruthi said…
great macro shots. I will never get tired of macro flowers. I love them so much. You have a collection of the core with great details.
gary said…
what a great collection of macro shots of flower. so captivating.
Erik said…
Your macros get sharper each time you post. Enjoyed this series.
Tammy, thanks for your kind comment

ruthi, thanks I love macro too

gary, Thanks so much.

Erik, wonderful compliment, thank you
Icy BC said…
Absolutely stunning macro shots, Jo! Gorgeous color on each one of them.
Icy, thanks so much and hope JOJO won the tournament :)
Christina said…
I love flower macro shots! Lovely and colorful!
Christina, thank you. That is my favorite means of taking a snapshot.
Mumsy said…
I love your macro shots of these beautiful and colorful flowers!

I also want to thank you for your words of comfort on my blog! I really appreciate your kindness..

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