Things Are Getting A Little Hairy Around Here


Ann said…
a hairy situation that's quite enjoyable. When I read your post title I thought that maybe I might be seeing spiders with big hairy legs. So glad you chose the flowers instead :)
Duni said…
Those are fantastic!
Never thought of plants/flowers as 'hairy' before ;-)
rainfield61 said…
There are more hairy things in our surrounding under macro views.
Icy BC said…
These are beautiful hairy things, Jo :-) Fantastic macro shots!
Autumn Belle said…
This is fairly hairy quite contrary. The spider web looks like a jigsaw puzzle.
MedaM said…
Your photos are so clear and sharp. Wonderful series of macro photos.
Have a nice weekend!
RNSANE said…
I guess even plants can have a bad hair day!! I was so unaware of all of this until I took the snapdragon macros and saw they were "hairy" as well. Great shots.
Bossy Betty said…
Great pictures! Love these close-ups.
Ratty said…
These hairy pictures are fun. Now I want to go out and find some hairy plants too.
CherylK said…
What a great post title!! But I have to say that the photos are every bit at great. Isn't nature marvelous?
betchai said…
wow, so close Jo, the details are fantastic.
Ann, I am NOT a fan of spiders so even if I did capture one, I wouldn't want it on my blog. I got a great shot of a tarantula while at the insect zoo. When I got home and uploaded it to the computer, even though it was a great macro shot, I was so disgusted by it I deleted it :D

Duni, I know, only with a macro lens are they hairy :)

Rainfield, Yes, everything is hairy with a macro.

Icy, :) your comment has me laughing :D

Autumn, it does huh? :)

MedaM, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You have a great weekend as well.

Thanks, Chuck

Carmen, All of these have bad hair days :D

Bossy, thanks, I do too.

Ratty :D All you have to do is use your macro lens and the hair is there :D

Cheryl, it certainly is, thanks so much.

Betchai, thanks so much :)
lina said…
I prefer hairy plants over scary spiders anytime! XD

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