Japanese Friendship Dolls - Asian Art Museum

Click here to learn more about these friendship dolls exchanged between Japan and the United States.


Anonymous said…
I like the outfits on these dolls, and they are so cute!
ruthi said…
So cute... I had one of those wooden sandals when I was little. My day brought me one when He went to Japan. I think I also have one of those costume.. or was it a Vietnamese costume.. sorry I wasn't sure. It was indeed a long time ago.
Icy, aren't they, I just loved seeing them.

ruthi, oh, how adorable. Did you save the sandals and costume? How cute.
Sharkbytes (TM) said…
I love all the accessories!
Liz said…
Gorgeous dolls!
Ann said…
What pretty dolls those are and look at all the stuff they have:)
maiaT said…
Beautiful dolls and art. I like the idea of exchanging dolls as a sign of friendship.
Bossy Betty said…
What a great idea to exchange dolls!
They are just beautiful. There is so much attention to detail in their clothes.
Shark, oh so do I :) thanks for visiting.

Liz, Thank you

Ann, I love all that stuff, wish I had it :D

maiaT, Yes, isn't that a great idea?

Bossy, very cool idea

Catherine, That's what I like so much, the detail and colors. Thanks for stopping by.
DoanLegacy said…
These are adorable dolls, and all their belongings are terrific!
Doan, Aren't they? I just love them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
betchai said…
very beautiful Japanese dolls Jo, so cute I wish I can own some
Annie said…
Oh wow. Shades of my father. I have three that go back over 50 years, gifts from my dad when he returned from trips overseas. Love these dolls and the memories they engender.
yoon see said…
The friendship dolls look so cute and they make me smile:) Yes, i can feel their kindness!
lina said…
The dolls are so cute. Love the kimono. :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
very beautiful dolls!

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