Watery Wednesday - San Francisco Bay

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eileeninmd said…
Wonderful watery shots from the bay.
RNSANE said…
Well, Jo, looks like you've been hanging out down at the Wharf again. Great weather for it! Love the photos!
yoon see said…
Traveling on water is fun especially when the weather is fine. These shots above look just great for such outing.
Look like you have fun shooting and sailing too!
Icy BC said…
Love these shots of San Francisco Bay, Jo! It's wonderful..
rainfield61 said…
Let's ride a boat and go wherever you want.
Secondary Roads said…
Those gray skies look like a Michigan winter day.
Bossy Betty said…
Love the look of these watery pictures! Makes me want to go to the beach!
ewok1993 said…
love these familiar sights. have a great day.
veredit said…
what a wonderful seaview ... I miss it so much
Thank you Eileen.

Carmen, I actually haven't been there since S was in town. These are from that outing. This weather has me inside working, it's too darn hot out there.

Yoon see, the bay is beautiful especially on a sunny yet cool day.

Icy, thanks, it's always fun to explore the bay.

Rainfield, it's a date. Let's get a yacht and travel the world :)

Chuck, I know. That particular day it was very overcast and foggy whereas today it's blue skies and in the 90's. We don't have seasons here.

Bossy, :) me too thanks for stopping by.
Manang Kim said…
San Francisco Bay looks like beautiful!! Great shots!
Blue water
ewok, thanks and you have a great day as well.

veredit, thanks for stopping by.

Manang, Thanks so much, it is gorgeous :)
Tricia said…
Look at all those boats just sitting there waiting to go for a ride, I so wish I could!!! Great shots
Ann said…
Love the shots. The one picture reminds me of the marina we have not too far from here. I love to see all the sailboats off in the distance.
Jessica said…
Nice pics! I went to "The Rock" a few years back but was still using film back then and none of my pictures turned out. It'sn ice seeing the bay again :)
AVCr8teur said…
I never get tired of seeing the familiar sight of the San Francisco wharf.
Denise said…
Great shots, nothing like the combination of boats and water, and that last one of Alcatraz is great.
lina said…
I wanna hitch a ride on one of those boats. :)
ruthi said…
Nice set of photos. This kind of picture is the one I haven't got the chance to take yet. I have to go to marina sometime... but I don't have the time. hayyy.
Tricia, me too, thanks for stopping by.

Ann, I do as well it's such a sense of wonder.

Jessica, I know, I need to get out there again with my new camera. Thanks for visiting.

Karen, same here, it never gets old, even after numerous decades :)

Denise, thanks so much.

ruthi, It' so much fun, you must go one of these days. Thanks :)
Cher said…
i wish to visit San Francisco one day... :)

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