The Koran - Asian Art Museum

The Koran is located in the Persian area of the Asian Art Museum. I was struck by it's intricate and detailed beauty. It is all gold leafed and just stunning to see. I don't know very much about the Koran so I thought I'd include a link here to Wikipedia so you could read more.


Yogi♪♪♪ said…
What a beautiful book.
Diane AZ said…
It is breathtaking! Close up it looks like the words were written in the clouds.
Anonymous said…
Such fascinating shots!
Martha in PA said…
Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!
RNSANE said…
It is so lovely as befitting a sacred book. Is that the day it was so crowded, Jo, bumper to bumper people? You still got a beautiful shot.
Ann said…
It's beautiful in the picture I can imagine how spectacular it looks up close.
ruthi said…
Gorgeous. I have been teaching Asian History for 11 years and I have discussed Islam religion too... but I have not seen a real Koran before. Your photo is good as the real thing.
Gary Orona said…
Cool! This Koran if not multi-million... it is priceless. Simply amazing.
DoanLegacy said…
That's incredible and precious looking!
EG Wow said…
The lettering is beautiful. It was definitely done with love.
lina said…
A masterpiece! I would love to view it too... :)
Yogi, thanks, it is stunning in person.

Diane, yeah, it's very cool.

Thanks so much, Brittany.

Martha, thank you.

Carmen, yeah, it was their free day when I went to visit my friend, Michael. It was packed though the Persian room was pretty empty.

Ann, up close it is spectacular to see.

ruthi,how wonderful. To see it in person is very special.

Gary, thanks so much

Doan, It is precious and very large in size too, I was surprised.

EG, Absolutely, thanks for visiting.
Beautiful photographs there, Jo!! ;)
betchai said…
wow, though i do not understand what is written there Jo, but I can say it is a very beautiful book.
Colleen, Thank you, that means alot coming from you :) xoxo

betchai, It is gorgeous in person, I was in awe of it.
Jean said…
I am very much taken with the beauty. Thanks for sharing!
maiaT said…
The golden pages look sensational, a real work of art.
Thanks for the info.
MedaM said…
What beautiful pages of Holy Qur’an! I’ve always admired the beauty of the Arabic alphabet. That is a real art! Fantastic post! Thanks for sharing; especially now when it is fasting time, for it is month Ramadan which is ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the month when began the Holy Qur’an revelation.
CherylK said…
Really beautiful. And even more beautiful when you think about how old that book probably is.
Colleen, thanks so much my dear friend :)

betchai, same here, I could not understand it but was blown away by it's elegance and beauty.

Jean, you are welcome

maia, thank you so much for dropping by and commenting.

MedaM, thank you for this information.

Cheryl, exactly, thank you.

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