St. Cecilia Church Stained Glass

St. Cecilia's Church was where we attended services and where we all went to school for eight years. Growing up we were constantly attending some sort of event within the church. I have to admit I hadn't been there in decades. I was in the neighborhood the other day and decided to stop by and take photos. This church is gorgeous inside. The altar is shrouded in gold leaf and the architecture is stunning. I walked in and there was only one other person there. I focused on the altar and took literally dozens of shots. No matter where I stood, what lens I used or even what setting I used, each photo was so blurry, you could not even make out what I was shooting.

I thought for a minute something happened to the camera so I decided to then focus on the stained glass. When I shot the photos initially not only could you see the stained glass windows but the panels and architecture around the windows. The above shot was taken of the inside dome with the choir area around the stained glass. I could see all this through the LCD screen while taking the shots. I get home, upload the photos and here is the result. All the backgrounds were black. I have absolutely no idea why. Is it a camera thing? or was someone up there trying to tell me something. It is not the first time I've experienced an unusual situation in that church. At any rate, I decided to go ahead and show you these stained glass windows because they are beautiful.


John said…
Great photographs. Those windows are beautiful. They must have been an inspiration attending that church.
CherylK said…
Beautiful stained glass! Looks like jewels! I don't know why the background would be black...must have something to do with the camera setting?
Ann said…
Gorgeous shots even if they weren't what you were seeing in the LCD screen. My guess would be a combination of the lighting and camera settings.
Campbell Jane said…
These windows are stunning. It is just their beauty that we were meant to see ;) and it's awesome that you were drawn back into such a familar place and saw it in a whole new way.
John, thank you it was an experience.

Cheryl, It could have been though I tried many different settings. I like the result though.

Ann, I'm sure it was something like that. Thanks.

Thanks so much, Jane. Very much appreciated.
Sadia Hussain said…
A beautiful trip down memory lane!
RNSANE said…
The windows are so beautiful. I think, in a massive black area of darkness, it is hard for the camera to focus. It goes for the bright spots and these beautiful are just that, with a bit of the divine!!!

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