Macro Monday - Well I'll Bee

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Icy BC said…
Wonderful photos of the bees! It's kind of fun trying to take pictures of them, and not getting sting..
Secondary Roads said…
Love those bee shots. they really get into their work. Next step is to make a bee movie.
Chesney said…
Your garden must house tons of bees, excellent images by the way!
Janis said…
Bees are so interesting to watch (from a distance) glad you were able to give us a close up!
Sue said…
beautiful macro shots, sue,x
RNSANE said…
Well, I'll bee da%$ed! Fabulous.
Kala said…
You've captured some great detail of the bee!
Ann said…
LOL, loved the post title and those are some great bee pictures. Love the first one the way that bee is stuffed right up in that flower.
GrandmaK said…
Well done!!!! All are grand!!! Cathy
Icy, I'm always dodging them and have been lucky so far.

Chuck, LOL! HaHa I love that :)

Chesney, these pics were taken at the botanical gardens and there are bees swarming all over there right now.

Janis, sometimes I get too close for comfort. Thanks for stopping by.

Sue, thank you so much :)

Thank you Justine :)

Carmen, Thanks :D

Kala, thanks, they are little husky ones :)

Ann, they are definitely working hard lol

Grandma, Thanks so much :)
*MrsMartinez* said…
I like the first picture because the bee somehow become integrated with the white flower. From afar it seems they are as one.
betchai said…
wow, that is awesome, right inside the bee work hard :)
lisaschaos said…
Looks like you're surrounded!! Great captures!

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