Sundays in my City - Ocean Beach

These shots and video below were taken after our mini heat wave. It was overcast, cloudy and a bit gray at ocean beach but for me it's just as beautiful as a blue sky sunny day. I've lived out here all my life and love it no matter the weather. It was quiet except for a few surfers and many seabirds. This little guy in the above photo seemed to be enjoying the waves as you'll see in the short video I took. A couple of blurry scenes in the video where I moved the camera. I don't have a tripod - yet! Enjoy

Unknown Mami

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Duni said…
Beautiful. Looks like my kind of place :)
hope you're enjoying your Sunday!
Ann said…
I can see why you love it so much. Even under gray cloudy skies, it's just beautiful.
Mumsy said…
I can even hear the sound of the wave through these wonderful photos!
Dimple said…
I remember beach like that: flat, smooth, gentle slope to the waves, and grey.
I love the sound of the waves on your video, too! How long did it take to upload it? I tried uploading a 30 second video a while back, but gave up before it finished.
Thanks for the visit!
Jean said…
I have never visited the West Coast. So, this was a delight to see it as you see it. Loved the video!
Tara R. said…
Sometimes even the grey days are beautiful! Wonderful set.
Kirby3131 said…
Gray days on the water are so much easier for me, I want to stay longer. Here in FL it seems to be just so hot that 5 minutes and I'm done.

Kristin - The Goat
by way of SIMC
Duni, thanks and enjoy your Sunday as well. See you on FB

Ann, Yeah, sometimes I prefer the grey and cloudy skies :)

Thanks, Mumsy

Dimple, It only took about 6 minutes. I never upload directly on blogger for two reasons. It takes forever and it does not show any shot on the screen it's just blank. I always upload to YouTube and then post it here.

Jean, thanks. These shots are not representative of the entire West Coast. There are some gorgeous beaches out here in CA.

Tara, I do agree, thank you.

Kirby, I have heard that from other people as well. Thanks so much.
Sonya said…
Loved listening to the ocean! I never get tired of that sound..beautiful photos!
Gary Orona said…
I love all these photos! Most especially the seagull.
I love cloudy beach days in Florida. I guess I like to feel melancholy sometimes, as odd as it sounds.
BLOGitse said…
Have a great week ahead!
mARTy said…
cool pic of the seagul! happy week;-)
Anonymous said…
I could never get tired of the sound of the ocean! I live days away from it so have to suffice with a river or small lake. Thanks for making the video!
RNSANE said…
Ocean Beach is always wonderful. At least, it's not crowded like Coney Island or Miami Beach. If the water temeratures weren't 55 degrees and swimming weren't so dangerous, more people would be out. Of course, I'd be wrapped up in a blanket to enjoy the scenery!! Beautiful shots and I love the video.
Amy said…
Oh, boy, do I miss the beach!

Here from SIMC
Ratty said…
Great stuff! I love seeing the water with no land in sight at the other end. Our lakes are big enough for that, and I was lucky enough a few times this year to get to see that, but the ocean just looks so huge.
Beautiful image of the beach, proof that beaches and nature in general know how to impress us just the same in any kind of weather. Thank you for remind me of the power of nature over our minds and souls.
Unknown Mami said…
I love Ocean Beach, too! Any day.
EG Wow said…
The ocean is very beautiful whether the sun is shining or not!
Sonya, I know what you mean, same here. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Gary, me too, he's a cutie :)

Ancient, doesn't sound odd at all. I feel the same sometimes, thanks.

Blogtise, thanks and to you as well.

Marty, thank you and have a great week ahead.

Lynn, ponds and lakes are just as beautiful and I sometimes prefer them to the ocean depending upon my mood. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks, Carmen.

AMy, Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Ratty, I know. It's so massive and impressive. Thanks :)

Christine, thank you for visiting and offering those kind words. Very much appreciated.

Mami, Same here, I'll take it any day :)

EG, exactly, thanks for stopping by.
Jen said…
LOVED this.........
newmami_rgv said…
Ohh, we visited the beach this weekend as well. Cali water is so cold though, no? It is every time we go. We're in Texas, it's always hot! lol Thanks for sharing, CJR
ruthi said…
I will never get tired of these sceneries. It gives an impression of... forever summer.
Annie said…
I would give anything in the world to be near the beach again. Growing up in San Diego, beach life was normal and easily experienced. Living in the valley now - well, not so much. Thanks so much for sharing the sight and sound of the ocean with us who miss it so much.

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